Increasing Number of Dems Now Speculating Trump Wanted the Russia Investigation, Knowing He Did Nothing Wrong and Would Backfire on the Democrats


andym (3,387 posts)
93. In a way Trump has played this politcally very well
By drawing suspicion on himself with his actions (firing Comey), he invited an investigation that he knew would exonerate him (although I don’t think he was smart enough to realize this at first). He then repeatedly called it a witch hunt. He can now use the Mueller investigation as political ammunition to offset other suspicions of wrongdoing, which are probably true crimes or unethical behavior like the Trump Foundation’s corrupt behavior. The Russians never really needed the Trump campaign’s help to accomplish their mischief: hackers, Wikileaks and targeted social network manipulation were entirely within their power to carry out independently. However, the possibility of favorable relations with Russia in return for help with Trump’s businesses (canceling of loans etc) would be the real problematic behaviors to look for. Why is Trump so palsy-walsy with Putin? The outstanding question remains, which crimes had he committed that required Comey’s firing?



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