Inversion Therapy? Yield Curve Continues Inversion As Fed Slows Down Treasury Purchases (Mortgage Rates Climb To 4.91%) Biden Orders Autos Have 49 MPG By 2026

by confoundedinterest17

Its official! I submitted my resignation from George Mason University effective June 1, 2022. I will miss teaching the students, past and present.

But back to the US Treasury yield curve. It remains in reversion (meaning shorter-term Treasuries have higher yields than longer-term Treasuries, usually a sign of impending recession. The Fed has actually started quantitative tightening (QT) and the growth rate of Treasury note and bond purchases has slowed to a crawl.

Meanwhile, Bankrate’s 30-year mortgage rate rose slightly to 4.91%.

Meanwhile, President Joe “The Big Guy” Biden has ordered carmakers to increase their average fuel economy to about 49 miles (78.8 kilometers) per gallon by 2026. Of course, this is intended to kill-off gasoline-powered autos and make all cars electric or hybrid like the Toyota Prius.

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According to Kelley Blue Book, the average transaction price for an electric vehicle in April 2021 was $51,532. That’s more than $11,000 higher than what you’d pay at the dealership for a full-size gas-powered car, and nearly $30,000 more than the average compact car sale.

This can be the Democrat’s midterm election slogan: “Making living in the USA unaffordable!”

The middle-class unaffordable Ford F-150 Lightning at nearly $100,000. Thanks Joe!

Alternatively, you can buy a Buick Envision (made only in Shanghai China) with up to 24 city / 31 highway MPG. Well, kiss that baby goodbye under Biden’s new MPG mandate.


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