IRS discontinuing incentive payments for employees who go into office: the IRS will no longer be giving employees 10-25% pay increase for going into the office during the coronavirus pandemic.

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  • The IRS discontinued incentive payments for employees who volunteered to return to the office amid the pandemic. The National Treasury Employees Union says the IRS ended the payments June 6. The agency gave certain employees a 10-25% pay increase for completing tax filing season tasks that aren’t possible through telework. From now on the agency will give employees a special act award for volunteering to come back to work at campuses that otherwise remain closed.

  • Regional administrators at the Environmental Protection Agency have a new dashboard to help them make reopening decisions. The tool ingests information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other state and local data sources. All employees have access to the EPA facility status dashboard. EPA says it’s closing facilities for seven days to clean and disinfect the space before making a final decision about when to reopen them. Facilities in at least six regions have started this process. The American Federation of Government Employees says employees in Chicago, Ohio and other parts of the Midwest may begin to return to their offices June 22. (Federal News Network)


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