Is Special Counsel Robert Mueller Too Big To Fail – UPDATE On Mueller Probe – As Time Is Running Out.

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by Ruby Henley

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been granted an extension for up to six months, the U.S. District Court in D.C. recently announced.  This is not really a surprise as most of us have grown used to Mueller getting his way – or getting away with his unlawful activities We have grown used to accepting the abduction of the law of the land by Robert Mueller.

The original 18 month authorization for the grand jury was to expire recently, but as usual Mueller demands and then he receives.  Under the battered law of the land, a grand jury is not allowed to serve longer than 18 months – get this – unless it is ‘in the public interest.’  Judge Beryl Howell thinks it is the best thing for the public to extend Muller’s escapades.

Is there hope that he might fail with his harassing tactics?  That is the main reason for this article, and I will simply seek to get facts and clearly lay them out.



Unfortunately, as we know, Democrats now control the key House committees that can investigate Trump’s campaign ties to Russia and his personal finances – really any aspect about President Trump they wish. Don’t forget they have encouraged one another to ‘beat them while they are down’ – meaning the Republicans.

Let’s just face it – we are no longer protected by the law – we are sitting ducks.

These newly Dem controlled committees have subpoena power and can force key witnesses to turn over sensitive documents, and demand that Trump’s closest allies be present for public hearings during which they face harassment.

Democrats announced they won’t wait for Mueller to complete his probe before launching their own investigations. Some are obsessed with the word ‘impeachment.’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi say that won’t be on the table until Mueller closes shop.



According to Special counsel office prosecutor Jeannie Rhee – “He has provided our office with credible and reliable information about core Russia-related issues under investigation and within the purview of the special counsel’s office.”

What could those “core Russia-related issues” be? The main one seems to be that Cohen spoke to investigators about communications between the Trump campaign and the Russian government in 2016.  Allegedly Cohen was talking with White House staff and Trump’s lawyers while preparing a false statement to Congress. Mueller has criminally charged Cohen for this.

Talk about ‘attorney-client privilege’ – gone.

Is there any hope for solid American citizens who choose to be Republican?  My hope lies with Attorney Larry Klayman. I just finished reading several of his columns, and they are straight-to-the-point with facts.


2019 the year of bloody revolution?

We the People Must Head This Off!

By Larry Klayman

January 1, 2019

Since Donald J. Trump was elected as president of the United States, the America economy had been booming with the stock market going up and up. This was in large part thanks to the pro-capitalist polices of the Trump administration. Businesses knew that the pro-growth president had their backs, even if he was insistent that companies protected American workers, and not effectively subsidized foreign investment and the transfer of technology, particularly to the Chinese.

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But then along came Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who along with his conflicted intentionally selected anti-Trump, pro-Clinton and Obama and leftist prosecutorial staff set out, as the lackeys of both the Democrat and Republican establishments, to take down the 45th president of the United States. Caught in the crossfire were persons like my client, Dr. Jerome Corsi and many others, who are supporters of the president. Making them the whipping boys of his so-called Russian collusion “witch hunt,” Mueller in Nazi-like fashion set out to exterminate them, attempting to throw anyone in and around Donald Trump into his hateful prosecutorial ovens. Often assisted by leftist judges who would rubberstamp all that he wanted – such as the Obama-appointed federal jurist Amy Berman Jackson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia who even threw Mueller’s victims such as Paul Manafort into solitary confinement as they rotted in prison – this establishment Republican Special Counsel continued with his jihad, aided by the vile leftist media likes of Jeff Zucker’s CNN and Andrew Lack’s NBC and MSNBC, not to mention print media likes of The Washington Post, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, Slate and Rolling Stone, to name just a few.

Now on the cusp of producing what in practice will be an interim impeachment report, Mueller and his “national socialist storm troopers” such as Jeannie Rhee (who had represented the Clinton Foundation in a racketeering lawsuit I brought a few years ago that fortunately for the Clintons was “randomly” assigned to a Clinton appointee to the federal bench), Andrew Weissmann and Aaron Zalinsky, are poised to mete out their evil and traitorous designs.

Making this more than possible but also a reality, is the reemergence of the political female equivalent of Darth Vader, whose “Leftist Force” has reemerged with a vengeance to now control the U.S. House of Representatives. I am talking about an evil witch who rivals her comrade Hillary Clinton, a person so bereft of morals much less honesty that she makes even convicted felons look like saints. I am talking about soon to be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Smiling at the prospect of using Special Counsel Mueller’s soon to be issued interim report – several news outlets have disclosed that it will be coming in early February – the old hack Pelosi risks having her many facelifts crack before our very eyes. But her evilness does not care that her disfigured face will be

on display for all to see given that she smells and is salivating at the thought of the blood of Donald J. Trump, his family, associates and supporters.

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“Make no mistake about it,” ironically to use a Nixonian phrase, once Mueller’s report goes to the Acting Attorney General Mathew Whittaker, who in just a few short weeks has been effectively castrated by Pelosi and her collaborators on the left such as the equally dishonest and unethical likes of Democrat Representatives Adam Schiff (to be head of the House Intelligence Committee), Jerald Nadler (to be head of the House Judiciary Committee), Elijah Cummings (to be head of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee), and last by hardly least Maxine Waters (to be head of the House Banking Committee), there will be a public outcry orchestrated by the leftist “Fake News Media” to make the report public and have it sent to Congress.

Once this happens, likely in February, Pelosi’s Democratic-run House will waste no time using the smears and innuendo in Mueller’s report to introduce articles of impeachment to start the process of removing the president from office. And again make no mistake about it: articles of impeachment WILL be voted upon and approved and the inquisition will then move to the compromised U.S. Senate, where gutless establishment Republicans roam free along with their pompous and equally dishonest Democrat colleagues, led by the male equivalent of Pelosi – none other than the vile Senator from New York Chuck Schumer.

And when this happens forget about the stock market and the economy collapsing, the vigilante forces of the right will react and take on the radical forces of the left. A bloody revolution will have finally begun, and the nation could then go up in flames.

I for one do not want to see this happen, but unless strong legal action is taken now to “take down” Mueller and Pelosi, Schumer and their benefactors in the leftist media, as well as the evil financier George Soros, who funds many of their collaborating leftist schemes, then as Thomas Jefferson predicted would one day happen, a bloody revolution will break out anew.

Join Freedom Watch and me to try to prevent this bloody revolution, which unless strong legal action is immediately taken will see 2019 as the year that the nation will be torn apart at the seams. Go to to enlist in our Justice League and its many strike forces to do all we can to save the Republic and wrest control way from the evil forces of the left bent on turning the nation into a socialist and Godless gulag that would make former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin proud.



Larry Klayman is, also, representing Dr. Jerome Corsi in his lawsuit against Robert Mueller.  Corsi says that Mueller wanted him to lie and perjure himself. Corsi turned down his plea deal, and promptly hired Larry Klayman to represent him.  You can’t get no better than that! We need a hero, and I believe Klayman is that man. Let’s pray he can work his magic and save this Country from Robert Mueller.


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