It’s Important To Be Honest About What Today’s Media Actually Are.

via thefederalist:

The term for people who lobby for Democrat policies in this clumsy of a manner is “Democrat activists in the propaganda field,” certainly not reporters, or journalists. They need to be treated as what they are.

It’s time to stop acting like these political activists are professionals who do honest journalism. Continuing that pretense is not doing a favor to the public. It’s not true. With very few exceptions, these people are not there to do journalism, and we need to be honest about that with the public. Not everyone is as bad as everyone else, but nearly the entire press corps is somewhere on the Democrat activist scale, from lefty to fringe, from shrewd to clumsy and clownish.

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If You’re A GOP Official, Grow A Spine

Now, if you’re a conservative leader of some kind, or an elected Republican official, the requirements are much higher. Maybe you don’t have Trump’s courage in taking on the media, but you must still do your part.

As a start, stop thinking of the corporate press as anything other than Democrat partisan activists and propaganda pushers. Have some self-respect and recognize this reality. My goodness, is it embarrassing to see the fealty and subservience that Republican and conservative “leaders” have in the face of the propagandists.

On Sunday, Rep. Michael Waltz taught a master’s class in how to handle propaganda from a CNN host.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky always does an excellent job of understanding media’s false assumptions enough to immediately push back on them.

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