Jeff Sessions Is An Enemy Of Freedom

by Tesseract

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III first leaped onto the national stage when he became the first US Senator to endorse Donald Trump for president. Back then, Trump did not even have the Republican nomination wrapped up and was still considered a long shot by most. Jeff Sessions took a huge risk that eventually catapulted him to one of the most powerful positions in the nation. Unfortunately, his short time as Attorney General has been a disaster to say the least.
Sessions quickly revealed to the public that his true character is somewhere between a 1930’s dictator and a movie villain. His world view is antithetical to liberty and Western values. To put it bluntly, he hates freedom.
His first offense – an immediately unforgivable one – was coming out as a staunch opponent of legal marijuana. Ever since marijuana was banned in 1937 for dark political and crony-capitalistic reasons, states and individuals have undergone a grueling struggle to get their freedom back. Now, almost 60% of the US population lives in a state that has legal marijuana.

A week ago, Sessions wrote a letter to Congress seeking help to override state marijuana laws and prosecute those that use the substance. This is a massive infringement on state and individual rights. Whether you use marijuana or not, if you respect the principals of liberty, you would never advocate locking someone in a cage for smoking a plant.
This week, Sessions topped his previous self for being the biggest freedom hater in the US. He has issued a new directive that allows police to seize cash and property before a court trial. This directive will override state laws that ban such violations of property rights.
Law enforcement is now taking property from citizens through asset forfeitures at a higher rate than burglary. Now Jeff Sessions wants to add to the overbearing police state by encouraging law enforcement to take more property without due process.

Sessions’ directive will likely increase the divide between police and citizens. Instead of being around to protect you, the police are being used to extort and abuse you. It is further establishing a culture that encourages good people to leave the force and bad people to thrive in the force.
In less than six months, Attorney General Sessions has shown a complete disdain for personal liberty that will most likely intensify over time. If President Trump respects the freedom of American citizens, he should rid the US government of Jeff Sessions immediately. That may soon be a reality as Sessions and Trump’s relationship seems to be souring. In the meantime, it is up to the liberty movement to spread the word that Jeff Sessions is an enemy of freedom.
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4 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions Is An Enemy Of Freedom”

  1. Sessions is not up to the job of Attorney General. He has damaged the DOJ to the point that the only way to bring justice back to the country is for him to resign or be fired. He will not resign,, so he needs to be fired. The DOJ needs to be cleaned of the obama leftist criminals that control it.

  2. Time for new UN controlled elections, does also mean we control the Voter registration, no super delegates or electorate college. Time for democracy! No DNC/RNC – because they are fucked up. No super packs. Americans should also vote in the supreme court judges.


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