Peter Thiel Predicts SJW Crisis in 1996 (Video)

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by Tesseract
Peter Thiel has become one of the most successful people in the world by having an amazing visionary mind. He was the first outside investor in Facebook, co-founder of PayPal, and has both a successful hedge fund and a successful venture capital firm. He was also able to see the current Social Justice Warrior movement coming a long time ago.
The SJW movement (aka Social Marxism or Post-Modernism) is the movement of far left-wing ideology that is sweeping the across the Western world. People who succumb to this herd mentality quickly make enemies with anyone who doesn’t have the exact same world view as they do.
Political correctness and vicious insults are the tools SJWs use to silence their political foes. If you dare have a different opinion than they do, you are labeled fascist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic or a slew of other reputation degrading insults.
They rank everyone by superficial things like race and gender. Things that heroes like Martin Luther King Jr urged us not to judge. The most oppressed identity – in the demented minds of SJWs — is held above more “privileged” identities. This has created a culture of segregation in many facets of society, but especially on college campuses.
Social Justice Warriors have no problem turning on their own. They have verbally attacked and/or physically threatened liberal college professors from Yale to Evergreen State College. The attacks have gotten so absurd that even mainstream liberal media has called the SJWs out on their behavior.
As you can see from the video below, Peter Thiel did a fantastic job identifying the problem over twenty years ago. He warns about the overly stringent political correctness on college campuses. He also points out how words like “multiculturalism” and “diversity” were being increasingly used to describe superficial diversity and not diversity of thought.
The Social Justice Warrior movement promotes an ideology that is the antithesis of diversity of thought. That is why the movement must be stopped. It is not a movement of principals or progression. It is a movement that segregates us based on identity and stifles free thought.
Diversity of thought is what separates us from other animals. It has allowed us to come up with creative solutions to big problems. Diversity of opinion should be celebrated, not silenced by a gang of close-minded fanatics. I urge you all to keep spreading the message that Peter Thiel started spreading in 1996. The Western values of liberty must prevail.
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