JUDICIAL WATCH EXPOSES SOROS. FITTON:The Obama admin spent at least $9 million in tax dollars in direct collusion with left-wing billionaire Soros to back a socialist gov in Albania.

by TFittonJW

Particularly outrageous that State allowed the Soros operation to help direct taxpayer funds to other groups.

JW smashed through the State Department’s stone wall:


Here’s some more background:

Watchdog reveals Obama administration provided $9 million to George Soros’ political activities in Albania – Thanks Tom Fitton “The bicep merchant”


A) Why are we spending MILLIONS of dollars in Albania (bet you can’t find it on a map) on their Judicial system? Do we not have enough issues with our Judicial system where we could use this money?

B) Why are we funding a billionaire’s left-wing wishlist? How is Soros able to get away with activities like this?