Kamala Harris Sinking In Polls: Democrats Panicking As VP Has Lowest Approval Ratings Since 1970s

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“So much for the democrats’ plan to install Kamala Harris as President in lieu of Dementia Joe. The Vice President is tanking in the polls, with the worst showing of any VP six months into their term since the 1970s!

Particularly shocking for the democrats is the 18-29 demographic of impressionable college students that the left loves to take advantage of, who only give Kamala 36% approval rating, with 41% disapproving. Perhaps she’s not far enough to the left to satisfy them?

Kamala Harris has become the most unpopular US vice president six months into an administration since at least the 1970s, according to polls.

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Alarmed Democrat strategists are grappling with the Vice President’s floundering poll numbers which show she is now “underwater,” meaning more Americans disapprove, than approve, of her job performance.”


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