Lena Dunham and Her “Dog Betrayal Scandal” are Just a Symptom of the Callous Nature of the “Modern Left”

by Mark Angelides

If you haven’t heard this yet, the sorry excuse known as Lena Dunham has created yet another “micro-scandal” by sending her dog back to a shelter after four years. She said that “after four years of challenging behavior and aggression that could not be treated with training or medication or consistent loving dog ownership, Lamby went to live at an amazing professional facility in Los Angeles”. But this is a lie. She is so determined to maintain her public persona that she spins webs of deceit; unfortunately for her, others are not willing to uphold her deception.
She said:” after four years of challenging behavior and aggression that could not be treated with training or medication or consistent loving dog ownership, Lamby went to live at an amazing professional facility in Los Angeles.” According to her, the “challenging behavior” came from Lamby suffering terrible abuse as a pup, making him dangerous to people.
The Animal shelter she got him from begs to differ. They say that the dog has not been through four different owners at all (one owner without enough time) as Dunham claimed, and that there were no personality problems with the dog at all. In fact, they say that Lamby was “very loving”.
Dunham, coincidentally, bought two new Poodles before sending her old dog to a different shelter (which is incidentally against the agreement she made with the original shelter that asks the dogs to be returned to them only).
But I digress, the point of this is not that Dunham is a liar, nor that she dumped her dog when “new shiny cute dogs” caught her attention. The point is that she represents the incredibly vacuous and disposable age we are living in. Real connections man nothing to these people and all can be sacrificed on the alta of their egos.
Celebrity has become something important, but yet more fleeting than ever before. People are chewed up by the notoriety they receive and are condemned in a moment. Studies show that the increased use of Social Media can be linked to increased mental health problems (and thus suicide). How often do we hear of the unfortunate child who is harassed or bullied online and end up taking their lives? Too often.
These are hollow people who happily turn on individuals if they do not follow the “party line” exactly. They claim to be “the caring people”, yet engage in rants of hate against those that disagree with them. This time the victim of this shallowness was “just a dog”, but read the papers, see how many children die of neglect or negligence, and how many children are mistreated by the real animals who care for nothing but themselves and the cult of “popularity”.

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15 thoughts on “Lena Dunham and Her “Dog Betrayal Scandal” are Just a Symptom of the Callous Nature of the “Modern Left””

  1. She shouldn’t be allowed to have dogs after this.
    Dogs are never “dangerous to people” unless they have been trained to be. I’ve met wild dogs living in the woods without being used to people. They’re scared of people and run away when they notice a human. They don’t attack.
    My dog (the one in my picture) was about to be killed by a shelter when I found her – nobody else wanted her because she was considered “problematic” – she grew up in the streets and to top it off she’s part wolf. But she never showed any aggression towards people (she was just so scared that she’d go hide in the most distant place possible).
    Now, 3 years later, she sleeps in my bed, properly greets friends and neighbors, and despite her wolf part, she gets along well with sheep, goats and cows.
    Dogs are peaceful by nature.
    Any “dangerous” dog has been either trained to be aggressive, or abused. I’d bet she did the latter, given she’s also known for abusing her sister. Someone doing that do a dog shouldn’t be allowed to have another one.
    Hope the dog finds a better home now.

    • She’s beautiful…. a friend of mine in Russia had a full blooded wolf that she trained with a no kill policy. Lady is a huge Timber Wolf weighing in over 200 lbs. She was trained not to kill little animals. Her one friend is a red fox, a possum and a house cat and a little monkey!!!. It’s actually the dogs with more wolf in them than full blooded wolves that are problematic.

      • Nice… Especially after getting to know my wolfdog, I’d definitely take in a wolf if I found one.
        I did meet 3 wolves in the wild one time – they, too, were completely harmless, certainly more scared of me than I was of them.

  2. Just accept the fact that we live in a throw-away society. Sad, but true. Lena, why she gets so much publicity? Don;t know and don’t care. Don’t take in a “pet” if you are unable to love it. All a dog/animal/pet wants is love back. There are animal abuse laws ya’ know? It just puzzles me why she makes “news”.

  3. Being a lifelong dog owner and trainer I can vouch for the fact that some animals can be hard to train. So far I have been able to successfully calm down some of my more rambunctious dogs from being hyper wild Indians to calm and respectful family members. You need patience with dogs like that. Apparently Dunham is the Craigslist poster child for “used’ animals. I see it all the time on CL. Moving…can’t take my loving dog with me….baloney. I rescued a cute 10 lb poodle who had been abused for most of her life. She is very shy mostly but she did warm up to me and follows me arround the house every time I get up and move 2′. It’s like she’s attached to me by an invisible leash!!!! She was abused but now after 4 years she rarely shows any signs of her previous small kennel run in a small circle mode…. My other dog….my avatar, Nazda, is a very fast hyper Decker Rat Terrier. She is calming down now after 1 1/2 years in my home. When I first got her she was worse than a wild Indian running at full tilt all over the house and scratching at me for attention. Now she’s learned the joys of being an independent dog instead of an attention hog.
    It’s not bad dog….but BAD OWNER. and if Lena really did have that dog….she is certainly a BAD OWNER. No dog is untrainable…..sorry…..just untrainable OWNERS!!

  4. Hitler and the rest his men knew what to do with these sickening (((people))). (((Lena))) is an absolutely worthless piece of garbage and should be treated as such and anyone who thinks differently on that is also the same. End of story.

  5. Would someone please explain how an unbeautiful perv like Dunham with no talent became a “star”? Or unfunny, fat, ugly Miss Thing like Amy Schumer? She’s even been accused of stealing other comics’ jokes.


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