Liberal Lunatics Target Jeff Sessions

By Gabrielle Seunagal

The mainstream media has once again aligned themselves with Democrats to collectively target Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Their latest character assassination attempt manifests in allegations of Sessions’ supposed neglect to disclose meetings held with Senators in his office when he was asked about potential contacts between Moscow representatives and members of the President’s campaign. The misrepresentation of the media’s attacks were revealed when Sessions’ DOJ spokesperson reported that he was asked about the Trump campaign and not meetings taken as a Senator or member of the Armed Services Committee. Unsurprisingly, the Washington Post failed to provide the transcripts of the conversation between Franken and Sessions; instead they presented information to create the illusion that Sessions was asked whether or not there was any form of contact between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.
There are a plethora of reasons that liberals would have for attacking the Attorney General, but all are rooted in one key foundation: to undermine President Trump. If the Left can continuously take out people that the President appoints to serve, then it casts an unfavorable light on him. It engenders doubt and prompts people to question his judgement. Anti-Trump persons and organizations have worked tirelessly to sabotage his Presidency and it does not appear that they will be losing steam anytime soon. Many people believe that these same individuals are supporters of OFA or the deep state.
Furthermore, people who persist to overthrow the President should be arrested and tried for treason. Treason is defined as the crime of betraying one’s country via attempting overthrowing the government. Sessions is currently the direct target of the Democrats, but their endgame is the removal of President Trump. Leftists erroneously believed that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election and following her epic failure, they have been in a state of frenzy and a quest for vengeance. Enough is enough. We the people must put our foot down. People are not required to love or endorse Mr. Trump, but they are also not permitted to engage in acts that would obstruct his Presidency. A part of being an American citizen is accepting the results of a fair and free election. The Left has failed to do this at every turn and quite frankly, their antics have grown quite morose and perilous.