Macron accidentally united the French people against globalism – whoops!

The title is an opinion….or is it?

This is a pretty good listen! I’ll show a few quotes from it and provide the link to the conversation which shows an interesting perspective to the protests in France.

This all started as a protest against gas/diesel tax, but it appears to have effectively woken up the population against agendas that do not inherently benefit France or its people.


Sputnik: This all started as a fuel price, a diesel tax protest; it was against the diesel tax which was supposed to counter diesel [use] and climate change and so forth. But why was that particular issue the one that broke the camel’s back? And were there other issues? Because now the government has now said we’re not going to have that tax next year and people have not gone back home. So I’m wondering what led up to this protest really happening, and why after the government even meeting the primary demand, why are the protest continuing? There must be other reasons they started, I guess.

Joe Quinn
: That’s the best evidence that obviously these protests are not about the car tax or gas tax, or diesel tax hike. For a start, what the government said, that they were going to suspend or delay, or postpone the tax increase for six months. What do you expect the protesters to say to that? It was only postponed by six months. But as you said, that’s obviously one reason why they’re not accepting it, but it’s much broader than that. It’s like I said, it’s a general and serious discontent among the French people with what they perceive to be, and what they accurately perceive to be, serious corruption within the French government and an increasingly out of touch government or a government that’s out of touch with the French people.

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Macron let loose EU armory on streets of France against French citizens – As seen by APCs flaunting EU flag

FLASHBACK, 1 MONTH AGO: French President Emmanuel Macron has reiterated calls for a European Union army, this time saying that it is needed to protect the bloc from China, Russia, and even the United States. MORE:


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