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by Pamela Williams
Here it is live in France now.  Wow, I was pulling for Le Pen.
Luck doesn’t tell the whole story.
Mr Macron could have gone for the Socialist ticket, but he realised after years in power and dismal public approval ratings the party’s voice would always struggle to be heard.
“He was able to foresee there was an opportunity when nobody could,” says Mr Padis.
Instead, he looked at political movements that have sprung up elsewhere in Europe – Podemos in Spain, Italy’s Five-Star Movement – and saw that there was no equivalent game-changing political force in France.
In April 2016, he established his “people-powered” En Marche! (On the move) movement and four months later he stood down from President François Hollande’s government.
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Having established En Marche, he took his cue from Barack Obama’s grassroots 2008 US election campaign, says Paris-based freelance journalist Emily Schultheis.
His first major undertaking was the Grande Marche (Big March), when he mobilised his growing ranks of energised but inexperienced En Marche activists.
“The campaign used algorithms from a political firm they worked with – who by the way had volunteered for the Obama campaign in 2008 – to identify districts and neighbourhoods that were most representative of France as a whole,” Ms Schultheis says.
“They sent out people to knock on 300,000 doors.”
The volunteers didn’t just hand out flyers – they carried out 25,000 in-depth interviews of about 15 minutes with voters across the country. That information was entered into a large database which helped inform campaign priorities and policies.
“It was a massive focus group for Macron in gauging the temperature of the country but also made sure that people had contact with his movement early on, making sure that volunteers knew how to go door to door. It was a training exercise that really laid the groundwork for what he did this year,” Ms Schultheis explains.
And he capitalised on it.
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  1. “Perception is reality: The facts won’t matter in next year’s general election”
    –Lee Atwater
    “Perception is more important than reality. If someone perceives something to be true, it is more important than if it is in fact true. This doesn’t mean you should be duplicitous or deceitful, but don’t go out of your way to correct a false assumption if it plays to your advantage.”
    –Ivanka Trump

      • NATO is absolutely dead meat now. The US military now thinks it can WIN a first strike nuclear war against Russia and/or China.
        They are willing to give up all of Europe if Russia retaliates to do so. Thank you my EUistanis!
        WE, may get lucky for a while longer, if the US gambles and wins. My problem is the same AI that helped Hillary lose, is being use to wargame these white papers for the US military.

        • Jeff, we are being sacrificed ….or population control…either way we are heading toward extinction. You and I are already on our way out. Only those who have the wealth to provide a secluded underground existence will survive. I know a community in the mountains of global elite who moved here just for that. I once worked for them running errands and odd jobs. They waited and watched me to see if I could be trusted. In about six weeks of working for them, they decided to welcome me into their liar. They led me to an center entrance into a whole underground complex. They offered to give me a place to live there…to become a part of their community. They were very kind to me, and paid me well. They had their own little world, and they had people come to them. They rarely went out or did chores….errands….they had people do those kind of things for them. When I realized they were preparing to go underground waiting for the nuclear war, and I realized they would not allow me to live my apart from them…I quit my job. That was around five years ago, and their community is prosperous and wealthy. I believe they will survive but I will not.

          • Don’t be so sure that they are safe. No static position is defensible.
            But, whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen sooner than later. I noticed a quickening, that is uncharacteristic of the elite, they love unnecessarily slow patient life sucking ways to kill people and countries, and all I’m seeing now are fast attacks.
            Maybe the complete disregard of the corporate media, and the elites inability to fool enough of the public now armed and aware of who to target has made them just try a race to the finish line.
            They will make mistakes. There will be people in the right place at the right time, with the right tools to make it way harder than they thought it would be.
            Idc either way, but me for one, ain’t gonna die politely.
            How did you take the false celebration of a non-existent bill Friday? That made me watch in disbelief that they would think that would fool anyone. They have shot their load, I don’t think they have much left in their quivers that works.
            If they think they can defeat Russia with a preemptive huge nuclear strike, without Russia destroying the US as well, they really don’t understand the Russian mind. They would lose-lose, instead of letting the US win, as would I.

  2. Le Pen’s headquarters firebombed, vote fraud throughout the EU just like here in the US. Candidate with well-articulated and defined anti-NWO platform was out there months ahead, then late in the game out of the swarm of opposition, the establishment’s pick (Macron) “surges” to a phantom lead flogged by the media and election is stolen. The new paradigm.

    • “Hard” election rigging is hard to do in France (no voting machines and no centralized vote count, people can watch the counting).
      “Soft” election rigging by extremely one-sided reporting across all media outlets, not so hard (and I think even Macron wouldn’t deny that happened, even if he’d argue it was the media was just being “responsible” and trying to “preserve sanity” and “protect us from the Nazis”).

      • In reality, they have given the UK to Islam. Macron does not even believe that terrorism exists…just like Obama.

        • The numbers they announced at 2000hrs were based on exit polls and counting of polling places that had closed earlier (they’re open this late only in the big cities).
          They could essentially declare the result because chances of overturning a 30 point difference a

          • Impressive bit of counting by those bank clerks traditionally used to count the votes. Particularly as counting banknotes is probably a lost art nowadays. (Unless you’re a Mexican drug dealer, or work for HSBC) 🙂

    • We are living in times in which our system of laws no longer bind the elite, but are more binding on the citizen.

    • Who knows just what chance they really had. Everything is questionable. We don’t know what the truth really is anymore.

    • Of course populations don’t elect their leaders, silly. Thank you for playing, now let the adults decide.
      “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
      — misattributed to Stalin, probably an anonymous Roman Senator

    • I think they were tricked. The French media consistently painted Macron as the outsider who isn’t backed by any party (while of course reality is that the banksters decided both of their parties were in trouble, so they created an “independent” candidate).
      A lot of well-meaning but misinformed French people voted for the “outsider who didn’t stand with either of the main parties” (even though he had the backing of BOTH of them).
      One problem is that there is currently very little independent media reporting in French (or German or Italian for that mattter). TV and big newspapers still control a lot of European mindshare, especially among those who don’t speak English.

    • There is no electoral process anymore. How can we really believe there is? Hillary was dropped by the Elite, because they chose to drop her and pick up Trump.

      • Evidence is surfacing describing how the French election was stolen.
        UP TO ONE THIRD OF ALL BALLOTS SENT OUT TO VOTERS, MOST LIKELY 60 PERCENT OF LePen’s BALLOTS, were destroyed at the time of mailing. ONLY LE PEN BALLOTS WERE DESTROYED, THERE IS NOT ONE REPORT OF A SINGLE BALLOT FOR MACRON ARRIVING DESTROYED. It was reported before the election that an enormous number of ballots for LePen were destroyed at the time of mailing, by tearing them badly BEFORE THEY WERE MAILED OUT. The French election was, in this method, STOLEN. Macron is NOT THE LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT OF FRANCE.
        Macron is a usurper, and not a President. He was put into power via an overtly and openly scammed election. The French have had it visibly and obviously proven to them – their nation can only be saved via violent uprising.”

  3. Macron will be France’s Obama — the guy who pretends to stand for “Hope and Change” while in fact being an agent for the same old bankster cartel (even more obviously so, Macron even used to work for the Rothschild bank).
    We’ve seen after 8 years of Obama what happens when the “Hope and Change” candidate doesn’t deliver.
    If Macron doesn’t at least throw a few bones, he will go down badly in 5 years.

  4. But Rothschild’s lose, as now many more people know who they are, what they are worth, how they got it, and why they are obsessive about their privacy. Cockroaches don’t like the light.

      • Just remember ,in France, today the far right was kick back into the gutter today! That should make any thinking human being happy! So celebrate!!!

  5. This is a message from the global elites. “Stop believing in “democracy” go home and behave yourselves and don’t interfere in what doesn’t concern you. See, we can install a nodding dog as the president and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

  6. Freedom, equality and brotherhood are possible ONLY if you have a homogeneous population. The idea ha you can have a mishmosh of strangers and Freedom, equality and brotherhood is a lie.

  7. There is no escape from the EU. That is why Ukraine was attacked. There will be no Brexit. Obama is building a shadow government to return to power after 4 years and undermine Trump. Agenda 21 is still well and truly underway.

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