Meanwhile in Sweden: Shootings And Grenade Attacks Are So Common, the Media Doesn’t Bother to Report Them Anymore (VIDEO)

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by Chris Black

The news from Europe and especially from Sweden are becoming more Orwellian and depressing by the day. The case in point is Sweden for today’s piece of reality, a country that decided a few decades ago to commit cultural suicide and to abandon all the principles used by their founding fathers to build one of the most prosperous and advanced countries (both culturally and economically) in the world. Since the 70s, Sweden has become increasingly statist and multicultural, and now, a country with less than 10 million natives opened its gates to unchecked mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East (predominantly Muslim areas). The end result is dire: shootings and grenade attacks (yes, grenade attacks in Sweden are nothing to write home about nowadays) have become routine, part of Swedes’ daily lives, as they are as common as snow in the winter. Terrorist attacks are on the up and up and Stockholm has become the rape capital of Europe, with 43% of the rapes being committed against children.

Even if Sweden’s feminist and pro-open borders/uber-multicultural government refuses to acknowledge the situation, the huge spike in crimes is due to immigrants from 3rd world countries, also known as welfare shoppers posing as war refugees/asylum seekers. Also, there are at least 62 no-go zones in Sweden, dominated by gangs of immigrants, and making for places where the laws of Sweden don’t apply anymore. Hell, even the police fear to enter no-go zones without SWAT/military-style protection, not to mention ambulances which are constantly attacked, together with fire-engines. Hand grenades are easy to buy for 20-25 euros ($30) in Sweden’s migrant-infested ghettos, and they’re used by criminals to warn Swedish police to get out of their “turf”. What’s even worse, and makes the situation hopeless, is the fact that the Swedish far-left mainstream media refuses to report the huge wave of criminality, due to political correctness mostly, because this is the migrants’ fault 100 percent. The only hope for natives is that Sweden will hold elections next September and it is widely believed conservatives will force the liberals who destroyed the country out of power.


The liberal policies (read open borders, unchecked immigration, political correctness, massive welfare on taxpayers’ dime, just like in the US) pushed by Sweden’s leftist politicians and mainstream media created a parallel society, composed of young men with immigrant backgrounds, in which gang related gun-crime and grenade attacks are the norm. Shootings and grenade attacks don’t make headlines anymore in the MSM, as the public has become desensitized to the violence. The fact that most of the gang related violence takes places in immigrant neighborhoods  also plays a role in this extravaganza, as the natives are not affected by the phenomenon, at least most of them aren’t (for now). Riots, car torchings and attacks on ambulances/fire-brigade/first responders are the new-normal in Stockholm and Malmo’s suburbs.


The problem is that Sweden can’t seem to comprehend the difference between humanitarianism and pathological altruism. The SDP (Sweden’s ruling party) just closes their eyes and ears and pretends everything is kosher. Obviously, it isn’t okay, and until Sweden will start acknowledging who’s causing the problems and gets tough on criminals while closing its borders, without fearing the left calling every law and order person as racist for enforcing common sense measures, things are only going to get worse. A country of 300+ million (like the US) can cope (at least to a certain extent) with controlling disaffected youth who fail to integrate, unlike Sweden, with its ~10 million people.

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The Swedes and their governments have watched for decades how their country is being swallowed by a huge wave of immigrants from the third world, that turned a former prosperous and peaceful society into…well, something else, very different and far less desirable. And for decades, the Swedish government basically chose to deny reality and banned honest debate in the media about demographics, culture and the effects of mass immigration on the Swedish society. Those who asked tough questions were demonized, while Sweden kept bringing in “diverse people”. And now, rather than admitting they’ve made a huge mistake and try to correct it, the Swedish government is engaged in a PR campaign to deny…reality. And yes, denying reality is the main thing that got Sweden into this mess in the first place, and yes, they don’t seem to have learned anything from past experiences.


Now, if you ask me, the globalist ideology that brought cultural enrichment over Sweden is proceeding as planned. Germany (or France?) is next. And with open door migration policies, pretty soon the whole of Europe will be balkanized. Call it European integration.



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