Merkel and Macron start European Union Takeover, sign Aachen Treaty. Stargate Aschen – fact meets fiction.

Macron and Merkel faced a Yellow Vest backlash as they launched their latest attempt to take full control of the European Union and create a bloc-wide army. This morning, the French President and German Chancellor signed off on the Aachen treaty, the latest Franco-German bid to strong-arm the EU under their control…

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Stargate.. The Aschen Confederation is an interstellar government in the Milky Way. While the Aschen offer membership to any planet by offering advanced technology, it is really a long term colonization method. The various “vaccines” and technological tools they offer are really attempts to render the native populations incapable of reproducing, culling the natives populations down to almost nothing and allowing the Aschen to take over the planets..

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h/t Tess