Mexico Goes Full Venezuela, Elects Socialist Prez Andrés Manuel López Obrador In Landslide

by Chris Black

As I already predicted in my previous article, Andrés Manuel López Obrador just won Mexico’s presidential election in a landslide on Sunday. This is the same guy who has said during a speech last week that a mass exodus from South/Central America to the United States would be a nice thing, and that he as president would stand behind such a “no borders, no countries” move. And the Mexican people believed that would be a great idea, hence they voted a commie Anti Trump/Anti American el-presidente into office, to redistribute wealth and all that socialist crap.

According to mainstream news agencies, Obrador would make for Mexico’s first commie (they use the politically correct term leftist) president in decades. Okay, but why is this important for us, the gringos living in El Norte, you may ask. Well, to begin with, do you remember Venezuela and mainstream media darling Hugo Chavez? The American Pravda mainstream media never met a commie they did not like, starting with Uncle Joe Stalin. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check this out: Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle |

This article did not age well. Nowadays, Venezuela is just another third world socialist shithole, and we’re talking about the country with the biggest proven oil reserves, whose population is eating animals in the zoo and hunting rats with bows and arrows. This is what socialism does to any society where it’s implemented. Even if you’re “lucky” enough to live on an island floating on a huge oil-lake, provided you’re ruled by Bernie Sanders/Chavez types and you have a low IQ population, you are basically doomed. There’s no way around it. Socialism does not work, period, full stop.

However, it’s the current year, and following Venezuela’s collapse, Mexicans (and 51% or Millennials by the way) don’t seem to grasp the concept that socialism is a retarded ideology, hence they voted their own Hugo Chavez into office. Bernie Sanders approves of this message.

Here’s Obrador’s primary platform points:

♦Amnesty to all drug cartels.  ♦No longer will work with U.S. immigration enforcement.  ♦Nationalize oil industry.  ♦Farm subsidies. ♦Elimination of multinational corporate influence on farming.  ♦Support and assistance for economic growth plan: using •mass migration of Mexican nationals into Southern U.S., •create AmeriMex border region, and •remittance of earnings back to Mexico as initiative for rapid domestic economic growth.

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Remember, this is the guy who told its citizenry to leave their towns and find a (better) life in the US. Why, if socialism is such a great idea? Well, never mind that. The Mexican Hugo Chavez promised to defend all the migrants in the American continent who are trying to invade El Norte, because guess what: living in the US is a human right, and similar globalist nonsense.  The obvious question is that if socialism is so awesome in Venezuela et al, why no one wants to flee El Norte for Venezuela? Or Mexico? If socialism is so great, then why don’t all the farmers in China, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea all drive Mercedes Benzes? (hello Janis, I hope you’re doing good).

So, in the aftermath of the presidential election on Sunday, what’s in store for El Norte? It’s obvious that the flood of illegals crossing the Southern border into the US will continue, and most probably get worse, since invading its northern neighbor is now Mexico’s official policy. Also, as socialist/Chavez-like economic policies will most definitely ruin what’s left of Mexico’s economy, the consequence will be even more mass migration, as Mexico slowly goes the path of doom, as per Venezuela’s fine example.

My condolences to all Americans living near the southern border. The days of hope for a “friendly Mexico” are now gone. Prepare for millions of desperate, illiterate, low-skilled people fleeing Mexican socialism to appear on our Southern border demanding Welfare, Healthcare, Education, Housing, Jobs etc. And they’ll be happy to vote for Socialism (read DEMs) here too, because reasons.

This is what happens when congress passes laws that enable millions of Third-Worlders into the US, people with no connection to the history of our country and no understanding of our political institutions nor our culture based in individual rights, small government and personal freedom. What these people want is racial socialism, i.e.  the transfer of all available wealth from the historic American nation (which they despise) to their own racial/ethnic group. These groups are fully prepared to use violence against us and against each other to get what they want.

Welcome to the new Middle Ages.

The WALL needs to be built yesterday!


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