NY Mayor De Blasio to Phase Out Gifted and Talented Program

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by Chris Black

Our corrupt  so-called elites are unambiguously using anti-racism as an excuse to totally shut down merit-based class mobility and opportunity. 

If certain categories of students are not able to get into the Bronx High School of Science in large numbers because of an IQ limitation, good faith and benevolent leaders would tailor education for different people to try to make the best of what they can do. 

Everybody wins. 

Instead, they’re lying about their motives. What they are consciously doing is snuffing out all potential competition to keep wealth and power in the hands of fewer and fewer people.

This is really sad. The NYC specialized and gifted school programs were always an opportunity for kids from poor and working class homes to work hard and rise through merit and talent. 

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They are getting rid of these opportunities because the gifted students are mostly White and Asian. 

Blacks and Spanish speaking blacks and Amerindians (“hispanics”) can’t intellectually compete so everyone has to be brought down to their level.

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