Old Google Finance and Yahoo Finance Alternatives

by AnYvia

I have been a big fan of yahoo finance and google finance. But after google finance revamped the site and yahoo-fin seems to be always putting more ads, I have started looking at other tools. I have come across bunch of them and they have done a good job.

The ones I am using are wallmine.com, snaptrade.us and finviz.com

Pros and cons of yahoo-fin:

  • Well laid out site.
  • You get realtime quotes
  • Great original content, videos and news
  • Watchlist and screener has basic elements.
  • negatives: Too many ads in the news section. When I look for news for a ticker , First 4-5 articles are all news and I need to scroll down a lot to see a real piece of news. Also it is not quite easy sometimes to figure out which is ad and which is not in the news section

Pros-cons of Google – New Google Fin is mobile friendly and very much search focused. Its a positive end here 🙂

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  • negatives: If you have seen old google finance in desktop, you may not use new google fin.
  • I miss all these nice charting, watchlist, recently viewed stocks, watchlist, compare any two or multiple stocks at a time

SnapTrade.us – A new site, but has really great set of features a cool black UI. Though the black background may not work for everyone – It has all the great stuff from old google-finance and yahoo. – No ads, clean site – Watchlist has easy way to group stocks thru tagging.
– Recently viewed sticks is a cool feature. I think they have copied from old google, but it looks great. – You can share watchlist with your friends. I follow a YouTube stock dude and he shared his watchlist, so I automatically get updates when he updates with new picks. – They have got a good scanner, somewhat like robinhood collection, but better. I was able to get some tips on Splunk in the upcoming earning section, and bought it and made money 🙂

  • There is a discovery section which seems to have lot of technical indicator. Since I am not into technicals, I don’t get it much
  • Price alerts
  • Negatives: quotes are not realtime, 5 minutes delayed. I am a realtime guy.
  • The site some tiles lags, but I have seen they improved
  • Not optimized for mobile, mobile interface is so-so.

FinViz – Has a great home page. Earnings before and after market close list is very handy

  • Lots of indicators in the charts
  • The coolest heat map of the market among all websites
  • Negatives : Ads are very irritating.


  • They have got some great features from google finance.
  • Home page has a great market snapshot
  • Negatives: not much, other than home page has too much info.



Disclaimer: Consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.



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