Our New Attorney General, JEFF SESSIONS, Has Described The Investigation Into CLINTON A “high prosecution case.”

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by Pamela Williams
It is definitely an exciting time to be alive as long as you are not Hillary Clinton. WE THE PEOPLE have actually been gifted with President Donald Trump and Vice-President Pence, who are truly honorable men ready to clean up the Country. Plus, they are putting together a Cabinet who will be allowed to do their job. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be allowed to revitalize the Clinton Foundation investigation. New York Attorney Preet Bharara has been nursing the investigation in the wings waiting for cooperation from the Department of Justice which is sure to come now that Sessions will be in control. Sessions has been quoted as saying, the Clinton case if “a high prosecution case”.
The Left-Wing Democrats must be taking all the meds they have to get through the day while watching their garbage being cleaned up by the Republicans. What is in your garbage is very telling, and the American people are watching closely, as it is laid out before them. But the garbage I want to see is Hillary Clinton’s and her friend’s like David Brock and John Podesta…to name a few. Oh, and, of course, Huma Abedin’s. Poor Huma, I think she has been chosen by the Clinton camp to take the fall, but she should not worry…none of them can hide from new Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
If the American people were ever in doubt of how far the liberals (socialists) would go to get their way, we saw with our own eyes the harassment of the Electoral College. Death threats, phone calls, and emails were sent threatening the Electors if they did not vote Clinton, bad things would happen to them. This is unheard of in an Election, and it shows us just how bad things have gotten in this County. Plus, all this fuss about Hillary winning the popular vote when in fact take the voter fraud out of the numbers, and I will guarantee that Trump would have won the popular vote also. Praise God voters saw through the lies and deceit of the Democratic Party.

Sessions was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama from 1981 to 1993. He was first elected to the Senate in 1996 and most recently re-elected in 2014.
Questions concerning whether the Trump Justice Department will prosecute Hillary Clinton for either her email scandal or the activities of the Clinton Foundation, are in all our minds here on Alternative-Media. Soon we should hear more about the pending status of the Investigation into the criminal acts of the Clintons.
This is what Sessions had to say concerning the Clinton Investigation: The destruction of records subpoenaed by Congress was criminal. “I really don’t see how Congress can issue a subpoena for records and they then destroy those records,” Sessions said. “I am telling you that every business knows that if they get a subpoena for business records, and they destroy those records, they are subject to criminal prosecution and will be prosecuted,” he added. “That’s a high prosecution case.” – Sounds good to me!
This is quoted from Judicialwatch.org: Hillary Clinton must be held accountable for using public office to line her pockets and those of the corrupt “Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation”. New emails released by Judicial Watch include email exchanges in which Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin provided influential Clinton Foundation donors special, expedited access to the secretary of state. In one flagrant example, the Crown Prince of Bahrain was forced to go through the Clinton Foundation to get access to the secretary of state. He got it after pledging $32 million to the Clinton Global Initiative..In these emails we are seeing the most blatant abuse ever of a cabinet office. Hillary Clinton turned the State Department into a global revenue stream that enriched her private interests with millions of ill-gotten dollars. The scope of this pay-for-play corruption is simply staggering.These new emails confirm that Hillary Clinton abused her office by selling favors to Clinton Foundation donors. There is a petition here to shut down the Clinton Foundation:

As Alternative-Media writers we know of many reasons to shut down the Clinton Foundation and to prosecute Hillary Clinton and many of those involved in some of the most evil dealings on the earth.  We have investigated subjects that many refuse to even consider being true.  However, for those of us who opened the door to Clinton’s Godless House that has rooms all over the globe, we still wait in hopes that the doors will be flung wide open freeing those who suffer in wait of rescue.  We pray for God’s judgment to come soon for the Clintons.
There has been a move to label President Trump “racist” and “white supremacists” which originated from within the Clinton camp.  They have tried everything to discourage public support for Trump and his Cabinet.  Lets look into that aspect of the Election.  A coalition of  purported “civil rights groups” bashing President Donald Trump and his advisers as “white supremacists” unleashing “hate” against Muslims and other minorities is made up of Democrat activists who endorsed or donated heavily to Hillary Clinton, federal records show.  You can bet David Brock of Media Matters has helped in coordinating that propaganda against Trump.The group — comprised of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Muslim Advocates, The Leadership Conference, National Council of La Raza and the American Federation of Teachers — says it formed to protect minorities from the “hate-filled” and “bigoted rhetoric” of Trump and his supporters. But it has a decidedly partisan political agenda that includes trying to derail key Trump appointments to his Cabinet.  This is an outrage to the American people, as we deserve the best Cabinet that President Trump can put together.  As far as my eyes can see, that is exactly what we are getting.  I thank God everyday for the excellent men and woman President Trump and Vice President Pence are surrounding themselves with.
Moving on:   Brenda Abdelall of Muslim Advocates had this to say:  “President-elect Trump must reconsider some of the selections he has made as top advisers to his administration,” asserted Brenda Abdelall of Muslim Advocates. “Otherwise, the selection of individuals like Steve Bannon (White House counselor), Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (National Security Adviser) and Sen. Jeff Sessions (Attorney General nominee) indicates that the bigoted and divisive rhetoric that we saw in his campaign will continue as a matter of policy and practice in the White House.”  Added Abdelall: “He needs to disavow the dangerous proposals and ideas that single out and demonize Muslims and other communities.”
By the way George Soros is funding the group encouraging them to go after President Trump’s Cabinet-picks.  We thought it would end with the Electoral college vote, but now the Soros camp and the Democrats are going after Trump’s cabinet picks. I hope Trump will not change any of his Administration choices, as I have full confidence in his judgment.
Leadership Conference President Wade Henderson said this: “We are concerned about the impact of Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice, Gen. Mike Flynn or Steve Bannon just a heartbeat away from the presidency.”  Hogwash to Henderson!  I feel safer knowing these men are at the helm of the Trump Presidency.  Of course, I do not have to tell you all these people have contributed millions to the Clinton campaign and zero to Trump.  And never forget who the real leader is of all these anti-Trump voices…of course, it it is the most evil man on earth:  George Soros, who owns Hillary Clinton and pulls all of her strings.  Can you imagine how powerless he is feeling right now.
In conclusion this message goes out to all those sore losers in the Clinton Camp, including George Soros:
You shall reap what you sow…tell the truth that you know…what you have done…in your long evil run.
It is over now…do not disavow…your responsibility to mankind…of what you find…as the doors open you hide behind.
Accept the word that has been spoken…for your word is broken….a new dawn has risen…and the birth of a new vision!
The Lord has spoken…the system was broken….now it will mend…a prayer to God you should send!
The day of judgment is at hand…throughout the land…only God can forgive…the life you live.
Come close now…give up your vow…to disrupt the good things…that God brings.
Our Country is ready…to stay steady…on the newly chosen path…away from the Devil’s wrath!
I pray you understand…the power in our Land…to start anew…for ALL –  NOT JUST A FEW!
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FROM VIDEO:  Published on Nov 5, 2016

Andy Gause in The Jeff Rense Show, November 3, 2016.
Jeff Rense’s main YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/JRense


7 thoughts on “Our New Attorney General, JEFF SESSIONS, Has Described The Investigation Into CLINTON A “high prosecution case.”

  1. If we are to have any pride whatsoever in this country they must be prosecuted. There is no question that the evidence is more than sufficient. To do otherwise would confirm what we’ve long suspected, that there is a double standard. It is not acceptable to let the rich and connected break the laws that the rest of us are obligated to obey.

  2. I’m just relieved that 1) Clinton was not elected and 2) Lynch will no longer be US AG at the DOJ. And it is satisfying to witness the Fall of the House of Clinton. She has been humiliated by losing in an election she was prophesized to easily win – Trump zero political experience vs Clinton with four decades of scandalous political experience. And again by losing 5 (6 if you count the elector that was replaced in Colorado) electors even though her electors didn’t experience protests and death threats.
    Clinton has embarrassed herself with the recounts and non-stopping blame game – being the sore loser she accused Trump would be if he hadn’t won the election. It is evident that the Clintons are losing their political clot with the Foundation losing donors and donation money. So roll up the safety nets and let the Clintons continue to fall from grace with as many indictments the law requires for the crimes they have committed. They alone have earn them.

  3. Cannot wait for the Treason trials to start. Get the “Rosenberg Hairdryer” warmed up. I love the smell of burning Liberal in the morning!

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