President Trump Accuses DEM Senator ‘Dicky Durbin’ of Killing the Deal on DACA

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by Chris Black

To quote the POTUS’ remark on Sunday, DACA is most probably dead in the water, and that’s due to a lack of good will and trust on the Democrats’ part, or at least that’s how the Donald sees it. To jump start your memory, President Trump had a very important bipartisan meeting last week on Thursday, during which Senate leaders discussed the DACA situation and immigration issues. Shortly after the meeting ended, rumors based on anonymous sources “familiar with the matter” were spread by Jeff Bezos’ blog (Washington Post that is) and then disseminated by the usual suspects in the MSM all over the world, rumors that claimed the President described Haiti and a number of African/Central American nations as shitholes during the negotiations with lawmakers.
Meantime we’ve learned that the weasel who first reported the POTUS’ alleged comments (the shithole extravaganza) to the never-Trump mainstream media is a Democrat Senator who is known for his history of lying with regard to what’s being said during private meetings, Dick Durbin respectively. Two Republican Senators, David Perdue and Tom Cotton were also present at the respective meeting and they’ve said in an official statement that they don’t remember Donald Trump making such a slanderous comment about Haiti or other countries. Moreover, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who also attended the negotiations in the White House last Thursday, has said yesterday, on Sunday, that she doesn’t recall the shithole comments on POTUS’ behalf.
Since Thursday, the left wing corporate MSM is in full meltdown over President Trump’s alleged shithole comments, particularly MSNBC and CNN. In their first night of reporting the shithole extravaganza, CNN mentioned the word at least 36 times.
And now, we have the Donald’s tweet on Monday, which accuses ‘Dicky Durbin’ of basically killing the DACA deal due to his lies:

So, Dicky Durbin lies, as usual, then the mainstream media doesn’t corroborate anything, yet runs the so-called “story” wall to wall 24/7 in heavy rotation, and some members of Congress continue to attack the President, despite knowing the truth. What else is new in the swamp? Now, if you ask me, the DACA deal dead in the water is excellent news. What bakes my noodle is how is Senator Durbin ever going to live down his new name ‘Dicky’? It just makes me smile.

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3 thoughts on “President Trump Accuses DEM Senator ‘Dicky Durbin’ of Killing the Deal on DACA

  1. Why are those DACA(average age 25) ADULTS …….. blaming US for their predicament?
    Blame your PARENTS, they brought you here ILLEGALLY.
    It really shows how “adult” they are, shifting the blame. The more we give, the more they hate us.
    They should be blaming their Parents …..
    If your parents rob a bank ….. and give you the money when you are a baby …. you are not entitled to the money they stole.
    WHY is the fed not PROSECUTING THE PARENTS??

    • We have been lied to!!! DACA recipients ARE NOT 800K, they are 3.8 million!!!! BE GONE!!!
      Question: Have you ever heard an illegal alien/DACA say “thank you” America?
      They say that if they go back they will have to learn a new culture in which they barely know the language (blatant lie)!!! I say that their parents could have said the same thing when they came over here and they STILL don’t know the language and that didn’t stop them!!!
      DACA is a family issue and we should not interfere! Oh and the separating families lie? They do it ALL the time!! Often a parent will leave children behind for several years or even abandon or create a new family in America!

  2. Dick Durbin is collecting his paycheck under false pretenses …. he is paid to represent those who elected him.
    Durbin is an embezzler.

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