President Trump On Fire In NEW YORK TIMES Article!

by Pamela Williams
President Trump is not happy with Attorney General Jess Sessions. He told NEW YORK TIMES he would never have hired Sessions if he knew he would recuse himself from the Russia investigation. Also, Trump warned Special Counsel Mueller over his conflict of interest. President Trump is right on both fronts, and it is good to see him taking charge of those around him, who do not seem to know the truth from a hole in the ground.

The following is an excerpt from the NEW YORK TIMES article:
Trump slammed Sessions’ recusal as “very unfair to the president” and said he would have never appointed Sessions attorney general if he had known he would do so. 
“How do you take a job and then recuse yourself?” Trump asked rhetorically. “If he would have recused himself before the job, I would have said, ‘Thanks, Jeff, but I’m not going to take you.'”
There was no immediate comment from Sessions, who announced March 2 that he would recuse himself from overseeing the FBI’s investigation into alleged Russian meddling into the 2016 presidential election campaign. Sessions stepped aside after media reports that he had two conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. and failed to disclose them to Congress during his confirmation process.
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is overseeing Mueller’s investigation. In his interview, Trump told the Times that he had interviewed Mueller to replace the fired James Comey as FBI Director before Rosenstein appointed him special counsel.
President Trump has been so betrayed by those around him.  It is an outrage that he has had to face such opposition even before he was inaugurated.  During that time, his Transition Team was recorded during their most intimate conversations.  Obama was the one who oversaw this invasion of privacy, but during all of this chaos which has encompassed Washington, you never hear a word about him.  All we know is he has set up a headquarters in his home in Washington to do everything he can to oust President Trump.  
I can only imagine how tired Trump is, as I am weary of all this negative news and the constant harassment involved in the attack on President Trump.  I do not know how he has managed to do his job.  All of these Trump-haters are destroying our America, and I pray Trump can beat them at their own game.
Here are the issues Trump talks about in the article:

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  1. AG Jeff Sessions recusal,
  2. James Comey used the fake dossier to hold over Trump’s head,
  3. Special Counsel Mueller’s conflict of interest, in that Trump interviewed him for James Comey’s job, and he wanted it,
  4. He complained that Deputy AG Mr. Rosenstein had in effect been on both sides when it came to Mr. Comey. The deputy attorney general recommended Mr. Comey be fired but then appointed Mr. Mueller, who may be investigating whether the dismissal was an obstruction of justice. “Well, that’s a conflict of interest,” Mr. Trump said.
  5. As for Andrew G. McCabe, the acting F.B.I. director, the president suggested that he, too, had a conflict. Mr. McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe, received nearly $500,000 in 2015 during a losing campaign for the Virginia Senate from a political action committee affiliated with Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who is close friends with Hillary and Bill Clinton.

President Trump is on fire, and it is about time.  I am loving to write about this, as I get sick and tired of writing about how all these liars get away with their lies.  There is treason taking place in Washington, and I would like to know where the lawmakers are.  Oh, that’s right, they are in Washington.
In another piece of news that is troubling to me, Attorney Jeff Sessions is bringing back asset confiscation.  If you are stopped by the law, you may have your wallet emptied right then and there, or that is the way I am understanding it.  Lets look at it further:
Local police departments can once again seize people’s property and cash with federal help under a Justice Department policy unrolled Wednesday. Officials insist they’ve now equipped the policy, called adoptive forfeiture, with safeguards to keep authorities from taking cash and property without justification. Law enforcement groups praised the initiative, which has helped them pay for everything from drug dogs and bulletproof vests to overdose antidotes.  But civil liberties groups and some members of Congress called Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ policy a dangerous reversal that opens the door for constitutional rights violations.
Just how is “adoptive forfeiture” defined?
The program is a type of asset forfeiture that allows police to skirt often more restrictive state laws to seize property using federal law. They then share up to 80 percent of the proceeds with federal counterparts. For some police departments, the money can be an important funding source. More than $6 billion in forfeited funds has been shared with state and local law enforcement since fiscal year 2000, according to the Justice Department’s inspector general.
The department sees the program as a way to strip suspects of the proceeds of their activities, to deter crime and to compensate crime victims. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said Wednesday the move will help fight drug dealing that has perpetuated the nation’s opioid epidemic.
“If we seize and forfeit criminal proceeds from drug dealing, it’s going to result in less money to reinvest in drugs by that dealer,” he said. “And it’s going to have a deterrent effect.”
In conclusion, chaos is rampant, and we will figure it out together.  



7 thoughts on “President Trump On Fire In NEW YORK TIMES Article!”

  1. Trump has to know that the biggest dealer on the planet of drugs is the CIA. Seize all their assets would be good start. JS has to go, he sold us a bill of goods, snake oil.
    He can only redeem himself by arresting the high profile criminals and back off the sovereign public.
    If he really cared about justice, start by releasing the Bundy boys and prosecute the executive administrator pretending to have jurisdiction and be a judge in Nevada. None of these frauds have taken a proper oath to office complaint with Article 6 Clause 3 of the organic constitution and yet they falsely ascend to the bench under their corporate structure.
    Trump has the backing of we the people and all he needs to do is ask us to help him drain the swamp and we will answer the call to duty to rid this great country of these corporate parasites and help him put them in jail where they can no longer hurt anyone.

  2. I sometimes feel, Jeff Sessions is obsessed with pot heads, , , , tell me one national known, political felon criminal, that Sessions has indicted. One top of the food chain criminal. . . .
    I as a staunch Donald supporter, give Jeff one more month to start bustin heads. And if not, this weasel of a little man needs to go friggin away.

  3. Donald needs to fire Sessions this week and appoint someone else. Ryan needs to go as well….but Donald can’t fire him….. Donald must be more wary to screen the next AG more carefully and ask some very pointed questions….. these snakes in the grass need to be OUT of Donald’s Administration NOW…..the sooner the better. I do like the fact he does give the idiots enough to hang themselves….which they do daily.

  4. Totally agree on civil forfeiture. Very disappointing to see Trump not taking a stand against it! If there’s such a thing as an unjust, unconstitutional policy on its face, this is it.


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