Propaganda runs thick… No way to confirm this story…

  • Russian troops are being ordered to kill defectors trying to flee the war
  • Execution squads are reportedly being drawn up to kill attempted defectors
  • Ukraine have been bombarding Russian soldiers’ phones with a guide to surrender 

Since the start of the war, Ukraine has been bombarding Russian phone numbers with text messages telling troops how to surrender – and a few days ago, a tank commander replied saying he would like to defect.

After discussions with Kyiv’s security services, a location was agreed.

The Russian officer drove up in his tank and, after a drone had flown overhead to guard against an ambush, was taken away by Ukrainian special forces.

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‘He didn’t see the point of war,’ said Victor Andrusiv, an adviser to the minister of internal affairs, adding that all the other troops in the tank had fled home to Russia already.


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