Real estate insanity – Canada is off the charts

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by westcoastjan

Here in Victoria BC a friend recently sold her home for a 250,000.00 over asking. Insanity does not begin to cover this. Our average single family home price is now over $1 million. The methods real estate agents are using now is list a place for a week and say they will take blind bids on Saturday. You just have to go in and make an offer with no idea what you are competing against. And forget putting any conditions on your offer. In the above mention sale there were 8 offers and I think she said all were over asking.

Rationality has left. This kind of thing is taking place all across the country as FOMO creates hysteria, and work from home has seen folks move en masse to smaller cities outside of major urban areas. Many small cities and towns have seen real estate prices double in short order. It is truly, truly nuts – all the more so for happening in the middle of a pandemic. Like, WTF?!?

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My take: TPTB are printing like crazy and doing whatever they want because it is part of the engineered collapse and transition to central bank digital currencies and the Great Reset. Everything they do now is going to be written off so it is all meaningless in so far as the existing financial system goes. They do it knowing it does not matter.

I do foresee a financial system take down via a cyber attack or other means as this is necessary to birth the new system. They cannot implement what they want to do as long as the existing system is in place. And as long as the existing system is in place, the more they will print and throw money to the wind since they know it is all essentially dead money walking.

Ditto for the population and our future – the pandemic, the jabs (I am refusing to use  the v word). This is depopulation and preparing the survivors for what comes next. The Canadian Liberal Party (J Trudeau et al) approved UBI at their recently policy convention. The recent federal budget did nothing to cool the housing market insanity. It is almost a who cares, let it happen kind of mindset IMHO. And I think this is because they know it is all going to be moot when the next phase of the Great Reset is unleashed on us. We know they are planning a Cyber attack simulation in June-July. We have seen this playbook before…. I foresee, perhaps this fall, what they will next name Covid 21, will be released in conjunction with some kind of a Cyber take down from which we will later (weeks or months) emerge with a new digital financial system under which we will be well on our way to the new rental system that goes by the maxim ‘you will own nothing and be happy’, solidifying, clarifying our status as feudal serfs. It will take time of course to loop us all in but I do believe that is where we are heading.

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