Real Estate SLOWDOWN in U.S. and Canada! This is the END of the Housing Boom.

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Real estate is one of the benefactors of the global central bank easy money policy. Housing prices have gone up faster than penny stocks in some areas, completely defying gravity. Rents have risen as well and unfortunately for buyers, so have interest rates. This is the key factor when it comes to housing prices. They cannot be sustained without extremely low interest rates. It’s simply impossible. Unless you come here for a fairy tale? No…

Manhattan Home Prices Fall Under $1 Million For The First Time Since 2015

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760x-1.png (760×483)

US-housing-Pending-home-sales-2018-11-b.png (461×417)

US-housing-Pending-home-sales-2018-11-yoy-change.png (478×383)

A national housing crisis is brewing. What actions can policymakers take to head it off? – SFGate

Baltimore trying to stem decades-long disappearing act

Canadian Mortgage Credit Growth Drops to 22 Year Low Signalling the End of the Housing Boom

Screen-Shot-2018-12-18-at-3.25.58-PM.png (703×521)



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