Schools forced to limit lunch options amid nationwide supply chain crisis

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I guess the kids will soon starve now.

As school meal programs face food shortages and staggering supply delays, officials could be forced to limit the choices students have for breakfast and lunch.

It’s the latest phase of a supply chain crisis that’s gripped the U.S economy for months.

In Ohio, supply strain has led the staff at Akron Public Schools to take a second look at their lunch menus – where there used to be up to five different meal choices every day, there are now only two.

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rying to get that much quantity of one product is not easy,” said Ryan Foulk, a nutritional services specialist. “I’m not saying we don’t have food to serve, it’s just getting it from one location of the country to the next is the hardest thing to do.”

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Fresh produce and plastic trays are just a few things Foulk told FOX Business he’s had a hard time finding since the school year began. A school district warehouse in Akron holds up to a week’s worth of food and supplies that Foulk said helps when planning for delays.…ain-crisis



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