Shariah Patrols are a Reality in European Nations – The US is Next

by Mark Angelides

Unless you have been living in a vacuum these past few years, it can’t have escaped your attention that in heavily Muslim populated areas (especially in Europe), there are “Shariah Patrols” wandering the streets enforcing the Tenets of Shariah and Islam on the non-Muslim population. This is happening in Germany, in Denmark, in Belgium, and the UK. It is getting more and more prevalent, and the European governments will do nothing to stop it.
A prominent case in Germany of seven men wearing Hi-Res Vests with “Shariah Police” printed o them took to the streets to stop people drinking, playing games for money and listening to music, has shocked the citizens. It has been ruled that this is not against the law. Despite the fact that threatening behavior was used and that the victims were in fear.
In the UK, around London, Shariah Patrols are out nightly harassing people for drinking, smoking, wearing clothing that is “not compatible with Islam”, and of course the obligatory abuse of Gay folk. Here’s a video:

In Denmark, Shariah Patrols have been attacking bars and pubs, smashing windows and demanding thousands of dollars from the owners to be allowed to operate. Groups of bar owners have complained to the authorities, yet nothing has been done to stop this “religious strongarming”.
Wherever hard-line Islamists appear, trouble follows. It is difficult to imagine now, but once upon a time Iran was a glowing beacon of civilization, tolerance and freedom in the world. Its citizens were educated and allowed to live their lives, and then came the Ayatollah.
And this is not just a problem for non-Muslims. Anyone who is in these areas must abide by the Patrols enforcement. Young Muslim girls are forced to cover up and young Muslim lads are shamed and beaten for listening to their iPod…These patrols crush the very life from the people they oppress.
It would be wrong to assume that these Patrols are just “local lads” doing their “bit for the neighborhood”. They are carefully chosen to join in by local Imams and given very clear instructions on how to be as threatening as possible within the law, whilst still having deniability if they get carried away. Some of these groups were organized by the Hate Preacher and terrorist recruiter,  Anjem Choudary.
In the UK, people are imprisoned for making comments on Facebook, engaging in “bacon-related insults” and for criticizing Islam. It is coming very soon to the US. The rights of the few will outweigh the rights of the many; special treatment and discriminatory laws will be pushed through…all in the name of peaceful cohesion.
And this is not just a problem for European nations. Right now in the US, there are court cases taking place to make it illegal to criticize Islam and to grant rights and legal standing to Shariah Courts. If the fight back doesn’t start now, likely it will be too late.”