Since a lot of people ask if an emergency fund is worth it, I have a story about how mine has been coming in clutch the last month

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by JefemanG

I always keep about $10k in an emergency fund just in case. It has seriously come in handy this past month alone.

I was living with family when recently there was a tragic mishap that left us homeless. I had to shell out to help everybody get things sorted out and then temporary rent a place to sleep for the week. On top of that, I needed to get an apartment on short notice. Not fun having to put down $600 security deposit plus $150 amin/app fee, and another $800 for pro-rated first-month rent. So here I’m already out about $2000 of emergency fund.

Today, my car decides to bust a purge valve and take the vacuum line with it. There’s another $300 at the mechanic.

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Also had to drop $350 to get utilities set up at my apartment ($250 deposit plus $100 fee).

Had to move all my stuff about 230 miles. My job heard of my misfortune and was willing to give me a new job in a new office with a 15% pay-raise. The catch is that the job doesn’t start until October 1st, but they also offered a sizable start bonus. Decided to take it, but I will be without income for 2 months. $65 in gas for the move plus another $2.5-3k for the 2 months of living.

Left the food for my family members back home. Had to get a month’s worth of food. Another $120.

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I’m sure more shit will come, but within a week and a half I’m out over $3000. Thankfully, that emergency fund is coming in handy and will continue to keep me fine until my new job starts early October and I can begin to get back up to $10k. If it wasn’t for the fund, I have no idea what the hell I would do.

Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Don’t get Starbucks today and keep it for a day when you’ll really need it. Never know when life will decide to kick you in the balls.


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