Some Highlights from Ukrainian Propaganda

by Chris Black

1) A bunch of fake tales of valor (Ghost of Ukraine, Snake Island, etc) easily and rapidly debunked.

2) Staged atrocity propaganda of Russians bombing Russian speaking civilians in targets of no military value (drama theater, ammonia tanks, etc) for no real reason despite even the Pentagon agreeing they have taken painstaking efforts to avoid civilian casualties as a rule.

3) The Ukrainian Rada releasing a bizarre statement rooting for Azerbaijan to invade Armenia as they claim moral high ground for Russia invading them.

4) A mentally ill Arab man going on TV reading fake quotes by Adolf Eichmann and vowing to murder Russian children for the glory of Ukraine.

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5) A myriad of videos of Ukrainian police units tying people to trees with their pants down and whipping them (all deleted from Twitter).

6) Filming hostage videos of parliament members opposed to the Zelensky government

7) Spamming social media, Google maps, etc with images of mutilated Russian corpses

8) Claiming they have inflicted 50,000 Russian casualties while taking very few themselves.

Imagine what a public relations nightmare this war would be for the Ukrainians if they didn’t have world Jewish power covering for them.


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