Sweden media and government covering up Ikea terror attack ..at least one victim beheaded

Looks like a cover up:
Mirjam Tapper posts that she has seen photos sent to here from someone that was at the crime scene.
“Just seen a couple of pictures taken by a visitor at IKEA. The images and text to them had legs almost give way under me. If the photos are authentic (I have no reason to believe that they are not) it shows that what many long feared has now happened in Sweden. The murders appear to be sheer terror act.
And performed in the most brutal manner.
I was furious when Rapport journalist yesterday commented on the murders and the victims’ situation, “they had the maximum of bad luck.” And the police called it a crazy deed.
In any country except this one had this incident prompted a comment from the government, but here dismissed it as an event any of the flow of violence. And it only blinds and silences. I feel anger, disappointment and contempt for this country’s politicians that left / leaves his people in the lurch and exposes the social experiment that has fatal consequences. Sweden is sick, very, very sick and it needs to recover. Am glad I do not have to stay here longer. I have much to compare to when I lived in many countries in Europe, follow the news in three languages in addition to Swedish, and I am excited to the core of ignorance in Sweden.
I will submit a long letter to Stefan Löfven in the Cabinet for now I must exercise my writing skills and my reputation as a professional person. This must not continue.”
“Snaphanen (via Baron Bodissey) says it’s possibly being kept quiet because she was decapitated
(The record is updated) I have not used me of the Swedish media at all. They spoke black in the first twelve hours. The fact that no Swedish politician has spoken out here 24 hours, seems very odd and cowardly. It dawns Now that the victims are a completely random mother and son. Victims are Carola Herlin , Skelleftea (55) and Emil Herlin (28). The woman appears to be decapitated , according to unconfirmed sources.
Video embedded here you here the suspect who was arrested at the bus stop scream “Snack Bar” @ 1:06

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Ikea store in Vasteras stop sale of knives in the interests of employees.
PICS in the link. Seems like a beheading;
Witness: Asylum Seekers had cut of at least one head
Sweden boosts security for asylum seekers after IKEA attack


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  1. Makes me remember corporal Rigby´s fate .On the video of the arrest of the black IKEA murdere you can hear how he shouts repeatedly “Allahu akbar!”

  2. Sweden are a fully developed socialist-state where objections against the people at helm are registered – the right to free speech aren’t at place in Sweden.
    As most people knows Sweden are the only state within EU that doesn’t have a constitutional court set to observe and charge politicians for their wrongdoings serving the people. Sweden aren’t a state governed by law and can’t call themselves a democracy as long as not everybody are set under law.

  3. Journalists and politicians need to conceal and cover for Muslim terrorists, because if the truth is exposed voters will ensure Islamists are deported, and no more Muslim terrorists enter Sweden.
    Journalists and politicians are committed to helping Muslim terrorists thrive, and to preach and practice the death-cult of Islam. This is their ultimate power-trip and thrill of domination over us – they believe they can ruin your country in front of your eyes, and there’s *nothing* you can do to stop them, except squeal.
    Ever read ‘1984’? Journalists and politicians are the fascists who ran ‘The Party’, purely for the pleasure of power over others. Ever read ‘Deliverance’ or see the movie? Journalists and politicians are the grinning scumbags in the woods, ecstatic as they rape us. “Squeal louder! Louder! Ahhhh…that’s right….”


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