Sweden Police Installs Microphones in Migrant No-Go Zones to Detect Crime

by Chris Black

The oh-so-tolerant Sweden is confronted with a massive increase in sexual assaults and in crime generally speaking since the country decided to commit cultural suicide and opened wide its borders to hundreds of thousands of so-called refugees (actually welfare shoppers) from Africa and the Middle East, the vast majority of them being young Muslim males of military age.
And now, following the refugee influx, the Swedish police if trying to mitigate the disaster by installing microphones in migrant ghettos also known as no go zones, to detect crime or, as some put it, to pick up the sound of women screaming. The thing is, Sweden is confronted with a rape epidemic after the mass importation of “refugees”, which puts the country somewhere among the top three (as in the worst) in the world with regard to rape stats, but let that go.
Now, Stockholm County Administrative Board is installing sound detectors and surveillance cameras in no-go zones (read migrant ghettos) in order to pick up gunfire, explosions (grenade attacks in Sweden are all the rage nowadays), the screams of women being assaulted, the clatter of broken windows, you know, a normal day in Sweden’s multicultural cities.
As Joakim Söderström put it when interviewed by the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet daily:
“I know that police in New York have long been using microphones with success. From what I know, however, this is the first time a police authority has received permission to do this sort of thing in Sweden,”
Järva is a suburb of Stockholm and the first place in Sweden to see the new Big-Brother technology installed on its streets (the microphone detection thingy). It’s worth mentioning that a gay pride parade was planned to take place in Järva, a parade organized by Milo Yiannopoulos, the ex Breitbart editor and conservative firebrand, aimed at highlighting the intolerance of Muslims towards minorities, gays and the like. Here comes the kicker: the parade was canceled after Milo received death threats from peaceful Muslims, so there you have it.
Moving along with the story, the installment of surveillance cameras and microphones in Järva is inspired from what already happened in the now-legendary no-go-zones of Sweden, the crime/terrorism infested Tensta, Rinkeby and Husby, i.e. the Swedish police already installed surveillance cameras there recently, to no effect whatsoever. Who knows, maybe the microphones will make a difference.
The system will become fully operational next year, and it will work by alerting the police every time a particular “crime-related” sound is detected. However, it would be interesting to see what the Swedish police will do upon getting summoned by the automatic system, as it’s common knowledge that the Swedish police doesn’t enter in no-go-zones without being attacked by friendly migrants. The situation is that bad, that up to eighty percent of Sweden’s law enforcement is considering switching careers and 3 cops quit the force daily.
If you ask me, the Swedish politicians will l do anything and everything…….except sort out the underlying problem, and I am not talking about what Swedes are doing right now, i.e. trying to breed themselves out of existence.