A Disaster Waiting To Happen: Retail Sales (Ex Autos) Still Weak, The Reflation Trade Rolls Over, Rental Units Collapse, Consumers Run Out of Spending Money…

Retail Sales (ex autos) Still Weak pic.twitter.com/0IUcFEEU1H — Alastair Williamson (@StockBoardAsset) August 16, 2017 And the reflation trade rolls over… Ouch!… $SPX levitates stabilizer funds got it pic.twitter.com/2LZZNS8Sun — Alastair … Read more

Both side are of the same cloth? Conservatives fume over 'complete' spending concession to Democrats… 'We create a crisis big enough to get everyone to vote for everything in one bad bill'

Conservatives are blasting the five-month, fiscal 2017 spending deal written by Republicans and Democrats as nothing short of a “cave in” by the GOP despite its control of both the … Read more