The Big Resistance Goal: a reversal of inhuman systemic trends

by John Ward 

We have reached a point where radical risk represents responsibility. Several formative developments over the last forty-three years have promoted a belief in the invincibility of twisted corporate science. The choice we face is perverted robots versus human brains. The Resistance must be about more than virus scams and irresponsible medicine.

The Thatcher-Reagan years (roughly 1979 until 1990) were pivotal in predicting a future that is finally starting to look unstoppable as the first quarter of the 21st century comes to a close. They were so because during that period, for probably the first time in media-mature history, these two figures promised, respectively, to cut government down to size, and stop incontinent State spending in order to “balance the books”…and yet both wound up delivering the diametric opposite of the goal: when Thatcher left office, Whitehall was bigger, more secretive and more corporately connected than when she arrived; while Reagan left the White House having handed the US its (then) biggest inflation-corrected national debt ever.

Specifically, the Mad Handbag’s whirlwind privatisation programme saw civil servants mixing with the business community as never before, as well as an astonishing growth in financial services at the expense of manufacturing and mining. Equally, Ronnie cut high-earner taxes (based on trickle-down theory) and slashed Bourse trading regulation. Both produced morally hazardous revolving doors, too-big-to-fail banks, crooked financialisation, wealth that migrated to the rich, and permanently lopsided economies. Smart Asian sovereigns took up the manufacturing slack – and that left the West dangerously dependent on hitech and raw material supply chains.

By the start of the 21st Century ‘Naughties’, it was clear that a massive and ongoing shift of power was occurring on three main dimensions:

  • From elected legislatures to unelected functionnaries
  • From mining and manufacturing to service industries
  • From labour to capital.

The last of those three was accelerated by mechanisation, hitech robotics, deregulated employment markets and a boom in M&A (merger and acquisition) specialisation by investment banking firms.

Indeed, as the trends consolidated – and getting elected increasingly depended on the attraction of corporate and financial globalist “donations” to Party funds – alongside the shift in political focus, we began to see more and more corporate hirings in the civil services….and vice-versa.

Despite a steroidal level of apathy out there, I remain concerned to educate people about the real fate towards which we are hurtling….with only varietal hobgoblins at the wheel. This isn’t about Covid or Wuhan bats, it’s about hegemonous geopolitics and the calculations being made by the minute banking > billionaire > spook > ecology nuts > and Top-Down blocist community. They’ve thought about where the world is, and reached the following conclusions:

*Idle hands are here to stay

*There are too many mouths to feed

*We’re outnumbered

*Step 1 is to divide and rule

*Step 2 is to scare them with a threat

*Step 3 is to ensure media élite solidarity

*Step4 is to promise change for the better

*Step 5 is gradual depopulation by stealth

*Step 6 is to devalue their savings

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*Step 7 is to digitalise money

*Step 8 is free money to do no work

*Step 9 is selective comms switch-off

*Step10 is repression of pushback

There are a number of observations I’d offer in the light of that supposed timetable. First of all, there are idle hands because of the cost-accountancy hitech robotisation designed to maximise ROI without regard for the socially anthropological effects of so doing. The unwillingness of the Davos shower to shoulder any responsibility for that outcome is at one and the same time outrageous, and yet absolutely predictable.

Secondly, there are not* too many mouths to feed: successful agricultural production is such that, if and when the global population reaches 12 billion (around 2075) there will be more than enough to go round if we can only get it transported to the right places. Remember: in 2019, more Earthlings died of obesity-related issues than starvation.

*[There is a serious problem in not having enough drinking water to go round, but that’s a Slogpost for another day]

Thirdly, yes, the gigarich are gigantically outnumbered by those clinging on to life with little or no healthcare, falling real wage values and no certainty of employment tenure. We have the Maggies, Ronnies and Friedmanite trickle-down drivel to thank for that.

In short, the Gates-to-Davos-to-Armageddon narrative pumped out on a daily basis by the media pack is a foul brew of nonsensical hypocrisy.

The rest of the list is dismissed by the Smuggies as “conspiracy theory” – which is rather odd, since most of it is already contemporary history. The first step of divide and rule has been carried out by the likes of George Soros, a man who has “invested” many of his billions in supporting hate mobs like Antifa and BLM, while encouraging inappropriate migration of radicals, the Remain campaign in the UK, and police disarming in the US. The great majority of First World western States are now split down the middle on key politico-cultural issues.

The scare-mongering second step involved the farce of an easily treated Corona virus strain (still never reproduced in the lab) being positioned as “a deadly pandemic killer”….and the refusal of senior elected officials or health bureaucrats to let anyone near cheap drugs that would have made it history by now; the achievement of the third step was made sickeningly obvious by the regimented fake news vomited out by both the ‘liberal’ Establishment press – and the appallingly censored cadres within social media.

Step Four has been very much the preserve of Bond-villain caricature Klaus Schwab and his Build Back Better coordination spiel. A Fifth Step – the miraculously developed vaccine imposter – is being hard-sold as the Freedom Jab; and Number Six is Jerome Powell’s “temporary” inflation that’s beginning to look about as transitory as the Himalayas.

Whether there will be four more steps is still an impossible thing to glean. For example, if the majority of citizens remain cryogenically asleep, Steps Eight and Nine may not be required. But when, finally, the metaphorical arse is poking through the physical trousers, there will almost certainly be vicious repression.

If anyone out there has a better analysis of what’s coming down the road, then do please join the comment thread to tell me what it is: I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in over two years.

What follows will strike some as hopelessly naive, and others still as “yet further” evidence that I am some kind of closet luddite Green Lefty. But I go forth into this No Man’s Land with the logical assurance that it makes the best sense for all the species on our Planet.

  1. Localist mutual capitalism is a far better guarantor of free speech community democracy and personal independence than the lumbering, greedy systemics of globalist corporatocracy
  2. Only a delusional lunatic imprisoned by the love of money for its own sake would put forward the idea that the best people to ‘re-engineer’ Homo sapiens are the walking personality disorders who created our dysfunctional world in the first place
  3. The worst outcome for our planet would be Transhumans programmed by psychotic liars. What our species badly needs is more jobs, the dumping of AI, better service provided by humans with two brain hemispheres, less dependence on rigged globalist bourses, less emphasis on an accountant’s narrow idea of efficiency, more artisans deriving satisfaction from their skills, national and local self-sufficiency and far fewer functionnaries
  4. This is not a hare-brained attempt to put science back in the bottle: it’s a recipe for humane science with goals that go way beyond profit, represent a return to proper empirical judgements, end the hitech silos in which fatcats, politicians and spooks hide – and recognise the need for a higher order of spiritual striving. Science must return to the job of serving living things – not the other way round.
  5. On that basis alone, surveillance methods must be under the strict tutelage of the Law at all times – and only allowed when a serious threat to security has been identified. All biometric ID systems and mass observation centres should be abandoned.
  6. Rigid ideology and blind organised religion are two sides of the same debased coinage – privileged intolerance. They should not be allowed entrance to any educational system in a civilised culture: the point of education is to mature the process of questioning, investigation, and the study of free-speech civics, health maintenance and social stability.
  7. The acid test for any and every policy designed to produce a “better” society is will it further the cause of promoting the greatest possible potential of the greatest possible number of citizens? The further away from the ‘local ground’ such policies are, the more likely they are to represent top-down irrelevance rather than ground-up solutions. All policy powers should be devolved down from bloc and national level to regions – facing constant accountability – and every policy designer must be able to show what potential consequences have been taken into account.

The preface to establishing the Magnificent Seven above would require numerous constitutional changes throughout the West. These would include far more representative voting systems, the abolition of whipping, the banning of all political donations and most lobbying, a complete separation of the police and judiciary from politics and the media, and – perhaps most important of all – the removal of all AI hitech from electoral procedures.

But the bottom line is this: in order to reclaim fair governance, one needs to both reform and reverse. The future cannot be ordained, but it is rarely if ever a straight line. We must grasp that line now, and shape the kind of Venn concentric circles that will get us back on track.




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