The “Deep State” is Actually Just “The State”, and They’ve Been Running the Agenda Since the Beginning

by Mark Angelides

Grand speeches and flawed info-pieces on the Deep State have achieved two things only: to make everyone think the Deep State is nothing but a conspiracy theory and that the people who talk about it are paranoid delusionals. And actually, they’re right. The Deep State doesn’t exist; The State exists, and it is just as shadowy, pernicious, anti-American and disconnected from the democratic process as even the most delusional info-warriors could ever hope.
The State exists, and its overriding function is to ensure its own existence regardless of policy change, President or vote. It is made up of career bureaucrats who feel that their positions are unassailable and that their moral code is superior to that of the voting public. When they discuss “the public”, it is very much an “us and tem” conversation, and each meeting is an exercise in how best to treat their “wayward children”.
Stellar Wind was a project that ran for two years under the Obama administration. Its aim was to collect data on those high up in government (including joint chiefs, Presidents, Supreme Court Judges and Congress members), with a view to best managing how they could secure their own budgets, shape policy and direct government according to their interests. But this is not a “Secret State” operation, this is a State operation, because the President and Houses are temporary and do not hold the real reigns o power.
This is not just limited to the US. The UK has its Civil Service that run the offices of state under a minister (supposedly). But Ministers come and go, sometimes they last a whole term in office, but often they don’t, so the Civil Service sees them as temporary figureheads, not leaders, and their role is to keep everything the same without government interference.
The State Department and Justice Department in the US, the Civil Service in the UK, and the creeping bureaucratic machineries of almost every nation on earth are all talking to each other behind their government’s backs. They are perpetual, they will always exist unless they are destroyed. Their influence is anti-democratic and they are dangerous. They control the information flow, and in many ways they control the language that politicians end up using. When the politicians sound like cardboard cutouts and barely human “politic-speak”, this is due to the State ensuring that people from all governments stay on message.
Worldwide the politicians speak the same bland structured sentences. This is not because they are a different race to the rest of us (though it may sometimes seem so), it is because they are controlled by “The Departments”. Their papers are written for them, their facts and figures are delivered through the prism of the State. There is no Deep State, only The State, and they consider the democratic rights of us all to be a hindrance to their continuation.
(If you are not familiar with the old British comedy show “Yes, Prime Minister”, it shows the relationship between government and civil service perfectly)

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