The Democrats Just Passed a $3.5 Trillion Budget Resolution

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by Chris Black

After the Senate is done with it, this sucker will hit $5 trillion, mark my words.


House Democrats passed a $3.5 trillion budget resolution on Tuesday. It clears the way for formal legislation that can pass without a Republican vote.

The forthcoming bill will likely raise taxes on wealthy Americans and corporations, and strengthen IRS tax enforcement, to help fund the biggest expansion of the social safety net in decades.

There are already hints that writing the legislation will prove challenging for Democrats, who have razor-thin margins in the House and Senate.

If enough people figure out that the politicians are better off trying to live after their heads are separated from their bodies, that result will occur quickly.

The US central government is absolutely not needed. It never was. Its current job is to secure trillions of dollars that get laundered through Israel.

Think about it: the entirety of the US economy is based on the exertion of military force in the world.

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