The EU not only has its Own Navy with Warship, It Now Wants a Nuclear Arsenal

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by Mark Angelides

With the recent announcement that the European Union is seeking to start its own nuclear program with a view to getting a nuclear deterrent (weapons), we should remember that this is all being done with the European population largely in ignorance. During a debate that took place in 2014, between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg (former British Deputy Prime Minister), the latter took great pains to state that there was no such thing as an EU Army and that such talk was a “Dangerous Fantasy”, and even more that the EU had no plans for one. Here’s the video:

Did you hear about the fleet of Warships that cruise around the Mediterranean and the Somali coast? Did you hear that they have “approximately 1,200 personnel, 4–6 Surface Combat Vessels and 2-3 MPRA.”? They are responsible to no country, they have mandated themselves, and if you think this sounds like Fake news, here’s their website: (EU Navy Force). On their site, they glory in the size of their fleet and the missions that they have undertaken since 2008. Surely the Deputy Prime Minister would have been aware of the EU Navy?
The site is full of interesting jargon and self-congratulation, but it also contains the legalese many have come to expect from the world’s foremost bureaucratic machine. Here is a chart that describes in detail how they have their mandate to operate:

And here is the explanation:
“The European Union’s Political and Security Committee (PSC) exercises political control and strategic direction of this first EU maritime military operation, under the authority of the Council of the European Union and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission (HR/VP), Her Excellency Federica Mogherini. The Operation Commander (Op Comd) of the EU NAVFOR reports directly to the PSC.”
So as you can clearly see, the EU is responsible for the EU, and it is overseen by the EU and takes advice on strategy from the EU.
The EU is not a country; it does not have national territory; it is a private organization that attracts nations as members and seeks to usurp member nation’s power for their own. They are a corporation that has their own navy and is now looking to get nuclear weapons. How would you feel if Starbucks or Walmart were permitted to own a nuclear arsenal? This is almost the exact same situation.
It is worth considering that the EU could be the blueprint for future transnational companies, an international cartel of big businesses that use national governments to increase their own profits and to destroy competition. It would involve trade across continents and oceans (such as the Pacific) and they could call it something like the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (or perhaps T-TIP for short)?
The EU is a military force that is about to become a nuclear power. It has no nation, nor land, nor people of its own. It is a Globalist corporate club; nothing more and nothing less. If they were to go nuclear, what’s to stop other corporations doing the same?
NB: There is a detailed report of last year’s plenary session into EU defense and spending that will make your blood boil. If you have the anger management skills to get through it, you’ll be shocked at the power they demand, and the costs that they will put onto the taxpayers of 27 nations to pay for it.

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