The REAL Reason Stocks Went Up in January 2019. Here’s Proof.

You probably didn’t hear about it on the mainstream financial media. Nobody was tweeting this piece of truth, this smack of reality. But a wakeup call is needed for people to understand exactly WHY something happens. We must acknowledge exactly why something happens, understand the origin, and piece together all the data. Without it, we are simply hoping everything will be ok.


I had just brought you the data related to the PBOC with their biggest 1-day money printing injection in history. This added to the massive quantity of money that was being pumped in from the end of December onward. This new data just released and now it all makes sense. The positivity in the markets was central bankers buying the dip. The ECB is still printing money. The BOJ as well. All completely correlated to the global stock market performance! It’s so perfectly mirrored it’s IMPOSSIBLE to deny!

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Central Bank Assets for Euro Area (11-19 Countries) | FRED | St. Louis Fed

Central Bank Assets for Euro Area (11-19 Countries) | FRED | St. Louis Fed

It’s official: U.S. banks topped US$100B in profit in 2018 – BNN Bloomberg

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