The Washington Times has fired reporter Drew Johnson for confirming the Ted Cruz sex scandal

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So, Johnson speaks what he knows about a news story, and boom, he’s out of a job? That’s cold.
lol, they’re so obviously not even trying to pretend they’re journalists anymore. It’s so awful it’s hilarious.

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26 thoughts on “The Washington Times has fired reporter Drew Johnson for confirming the Ted Cruz sex scandal

  1. Ted Cruz’s mother and father both became CANADIAN CITIZENS BEFORE TED WAS BORN.. When Ted’s mother became a CANADIAN CITIZEN, she LOST HER US CITIZENSHIP! Ted was born in CANADA, Ted HAS NO AMERICAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Ted’s birth was NOT reported to the US Consulate because NO ON REPORTS THE BIRTH OF A CANADIAN TO THE US CONSULATE!
    Oh, FYI; at the time ted was BORN IN CANADA, Canadian law did not allow for dual citizenship! TED CRUZ IS NOT A NATURAL BORN AMERICAN!

    • That is not accurate. We do NOT know if and when cruzes mother became a canadian citizen. Period. Cruz knows. And a certain document called a canadian work visa knows. Cruz has NOT seen it important to offer the document in proof of his claims that she always remained a american expatriate OR she became a canadian citizen AFTER he was born.

    • That ink is poisonous, did you know that? Never use it around food. The crap printed on it is even more lethal in long term damage to the environment because of the ideology contained therein.

  2. The washington times has no desire to be sued for slander . Drew is free to make his accusations as a private individual and lose a libel suit all on his own .

    • Well, well, well. Still haven’t heard the POS Cruz deny the allegations of affairs or sue the National Enquirer. Why not? Also, just why did Cruz’s PAC give 500,000$ to Fiorina? Was it because her staffer Flores was having an affair with Cruz? If the Times had any semblance of journalistic integrity instead of being a propaganda organ for the Establishment, it would have assigned reporters to either prove or disprove the Cruz affair allegations and unravel the inexplicable Fiorina donation. But, as Steve Martin used to say, BUT NOOOO! Fire the reporter instead.

      • Isn’t that great!!! I mean really I think Drew said that before the memo came out not to talk about it. Talk about seeing right through the foreigners who have over taken the country!!! Perhaps the sleeper cells are government agencies??

    • The Washington Crimes: To be sure
      Says the Tribe member, the lame urine stream defender, and the wise believe nary a word of the chosen herd, lies be their game upon every plane, deceit they be taught at their mother’s knee, entraining so as to money and power be gaining, never will these creatures be free, karma awaith all of ye.

  3. I think that the people who would vote for Cruz are doing so because they for some reason have chosen not to like Trump. I would never vote for Cruz on account of him being a Canadian and his wife being bosom buddies with Goldman Sachs. The guy is in no way trust worthy.

  4. Let’s call them what they really are.
    Enemy occupiers on our soil working for a foreign government. They qualify as terrorist cells and should be treated as such by our military. Anyone who purchases a copy of their newspaper must be regarded as a collaborator.

  5. Well SCruz is a lawyer, why doesn’t he take National Enquirer to court for slander? SCruz accused Trump for planting the story? Is Trump going to take legal action? I doubt it…

  6. Hey there honey, how ya doing? Gotta tell you something – that outfit looks good on you… I must, now hear me right, I must see it off of you. Come right this way to my campaign tour bus -I want to just photograph your legs… You know that band Stryper? Yeah living on the road like this – it’s so good to see hot bodies like yours – right this way to the bathroom stall honey.. I’ll school you on the campaign caucus and show you what it’s all about.

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