TRUMP TRANSPARENCY UPDATE: Exposing America’s Biggest Drug Dealers – No Outrage?

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by Thinker

Veterans Today Gordon Duff interview with with whistleblower Stew Webb are just a small part of the Trump transparency in exposing America’s drug problem. Like 9/11, the drugs flowing into the United States are mostly coming from inside the government and not outside. So, who do the NSA, CIA, FBI watch or prevent from bringing drugs into the U.S.???

Afghanistan Drug Trade Run by Congress, Bush Family and Bank of America

Where’s the Outrage???

Former FBI Agent and Decorated Vietnam Veteran “RICHARD TAUS” still sits in the Clinton Federal prison to prevent the “TRUTH” from being told to the American people, and the families of Veterans who lost their lives for what many would say was drugs and not the safety of the nation.

Richard Taus (30 yrs in prison) Writes About POWs

Are you an American/Veteran??? Richard Taus needs your letters and support in his plea to be released from prison. The only crime that Taus committed, was stumbling onto the CIA Iran Contra Affair and locked away to prevent his testimony against the Bush crime family.

How long can the brothers and sisters of the FBI look away while their partner rots to death in a jail for a crime not committed, but if he did time exceeds the crime!!! How many Veterans have been forgotten after American wars??? Trump transparency opens the doors to those who got left behind for drugs, land, and money, turning wars into milk and honey for some and punishment for others. Richard Taus…locked away to allow corruption to thrive in the U. S. government!!!

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As long as Veteran Richard Taus is locked away there is no freedom in America today!!!

Murders Involving Taus’ FBI Supervisor, High-Level DOJ Corruption, and 4,000 Deaths

Richard Taus’ FBI supervisor was engaged in serial murders with a New York City Mafia capo known as “The Killing Machine.” See FBI murderous conduct.

The son of that Mafia capo had become a mole in the al Qaeda cell headed by al Qaeda’s primary terrorist bomber, Ramzi Yousef, and was providing FBI agents in the New York City offices with advance information on several major terrorist attacks that eventually occurred. That valuable information was not passed on or acted upon, being blocked by high-level Department of Justice officials, who had plans to discredit that Mafia mole.

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The reason for discrediting the mole was because he was to testify in several murder trials about the murders his father committed with the help of and at the suggestion of Taus’ FBI supervisor. The Mafia mole therefore had to be discredited so as to protect the murderous supervisor and the FBI-DOJ that covered up for the murders. In order for that plan to succeed, the valuable advance information provided by that Mafia mole to FBI agents had to be ignored so as not to undermine the plans to discredit him. The downside to that plan was that the series of terrorist attacks did occur.

These included the bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa with heavy casualties and the hijackings of four airlines on September 11, 2001. These resulted in nearly 4,000 deaths. But there were more ripple effects from the high-level DOJ personnel’ misconduct. Included in those ripple effects were the invasion of two countries that would not otherwise have occurred.

There was no public reaction when the media revealed the decades of horrific murders by:


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