Truth on E movement: Newsom’s electric car nirvana collides with reality

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Gavin Newsom is bi-polar. He wants to get us into all electric homes and cars. At the same time he is limiting and destroying energy sources—causing brownouts and blackouts. If we had 8 million more EV cars and 2 million all electric homes, we would have to ration electricity to a few hours a days and maybe one charge of your EV each week. Newsom is providing the foundation of the collapse of the California economy.

““Our state is on the frontlines of extreme weather, and we’re taking aggressive steps to protect Californians from the costs of climate change — transitioning away from the big polluters fueling this crisis and towards clean energy,” Newsom said. “These incentives make it easier and cheaper to make that transition.”

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This year’s increase in electric car sales was, no doubt, spurred in part by a steep hike in gasoline prices, as well as subsidies – which poses an interesting dichotomy. Newsom has decried those fuel price spikes and wants the state to offset them with payments to motorists, which would reduce some of their motivation to buy electric cars.”

Not only would there be a severe limit on the energy you can use, but the cost of available energy will sky rocket. Could that be his goal, use energy policy to depopulate California?


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