Twitter Hit With MASSIVE Lawsuit Over Anti Conservative Bias

by The-Truth-Fairy

Just in case nobody knows how bad the problem is. I’m not advocating we change the laws or anything, but the least we should do is educate people about this.


Since 2004, Alphabet (Google) employees have contributed a little over 90% of their political dollars to Democratic candidates and causes.


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Total donations: $2,150,577

Percentage donated to Republicans: 7.0%

Percentage donated to Democrats: 91.3%


Democratic Party 82.1%

Republican Party 17.3%

Thousands of moderators, most of them Democrat. Yea, they probably censor ideologically. We are not talking about them just removing overtly racist comments. Imagine if they were mostly Republicans who were removing your stuff from Facebook and Twitter. There would be non-stop outrage.

The Business Insider link shows quite a few companies and the different percentages. Most of them are more evenly split, such as banks. Oil companies have close to 50/50, or lean slightly towards Republicans, which makes sense. It just so happens that the biggest companies directly responsible for our access to information and political debate all lean significantly in one direction, and to top it off they don’t admit that they are DNC tools of censorship. They want you to believe there is no bias there, but there clearly is. We need them to either admit to this or we need to bring everyone’s attention to this so people can see reality for what it is.


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