Tyranny and Fear – This is the Reason the MSM is Such a Craven Mess

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by Mark Angelides

Forget everything you are taught to believe about press integrity and honesty. The days of the “tough beat reporter” tracking down the story no matter the cost are long gone; journalists and reporters are not out for the big scoop anymore…because they are too scared. The previously proud press has been beaten into submission through years of oppressive measures and have emerged as lapdogs of the State. And the person most to blame for this? Barack Obama.
Since 2002, the United States ranking in Press Freedom has fallen from 17th to 43rd (just behind Burkina Faso). And much of this shameful drop comes from two main policies. The first being the ardent persecution of journalists and the punishment of organizations that publish against government interests, and the second is the extensive use of the Espionage Act to go after people even indirectly associated with those that leak.
Former President Obama actually prosecuted more journalists using the 1917 law than all the other Presidents in US history combined (although of course these records only work back to 1917). Not only this, but he also used government agencies to secretly get email and phone records of reporters barely connected to leaks.
The press were beaten down under this oppressive regime that claimed it was free and fair until they became the compliant puppets that we see today.
To further add to his legacy of fear, Obama (despite promising a “new era of openness” on his first day in office) curtailed the usage of Freedom of Information Requests to government departments. Check out this memo from Counsel to the President, Gregory Craig, outlining the White House “Equities” and the restriction of data (it’s quite shocking).
And as if that weren’t enough to suck the souls out of the Free Press, Obama ordered that only approved photographs were to be used “whilst in the course of his work”.
They have been whipped and beaten and become slaves to their Masters. And with the conglomeration of many of the main media outlets, under Murdock, Soros et al, the hiring and firing of journalists and reporters is now a political affair. The bright eyed young reporter eager to make a name is soon crushed beneath the jackboots of editors and political pressure until they are no more than shills for a “progressive agenda”. And as for those who cut their journalistic teeth before this Great Reckoning? Look who’s been getting fired over the last few years…People who refuse to follow the party line.
The Free Press has gone; but that doesn’t mean that information can’t flow. In small towns and cities across the world, people are sending out emails, opening up blogs, printing newsletters and doing everything they can to get their truth out there. The greatest act we can commit to end the MSM monopoly is to ignore them completely. Find new sources and learn locally. Perhaps then we might have a higher Press Freedom rating than before…and maybe some pride in our nation’s media.


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