We are f*cked worse than I think many people realize

by andyb6789

We are seriously f*cked with this corona virus- more than I think most of the world and country realizes. I see people talking about how there is “only one more week left of quarantine”. This is literally laughable. We as a country are going to be in complete lock down in (I’m guessing) the next 3 weeks or so. Look at italy for f*cks sake! They have something like 60,000 people infected, but are posting like 800 deaths a day and 6,000 total deaths. That’s like a 10% death rate! Can you imagine if that death rate transfers to the US (which it will)?

Imagine if in the next 2-3 weeks due to exponential growth, at a minimum we will have 600k cases in the US (as we are on a much steeper trajectory than Italy). That could possibly translate to over 8,000 deaths per day and continue to rise. And the worst part, this death rate will SKYROCKET as hospitals become overwhelmed.

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Covid-19 can cause a bilateral pneumonia which makes it nearly impossible to breath. This is generally fine as ventilators allow for individuals to breath until the virus runs its course. BUT, as Hospitals become overwhelmed with patients, they will have to prioritize which patients need treatment the most. This will cause death rates to SOAR. Like seriously what the f*ck are we going to do if the economy grinds to a halt for the next 2-3 months? It’s not like the president can say “go back to work” when the hospitals are overwhelmed and can’t handle the influx patients.

And some of you autists are saying “oh, well look at China, they are recovering fine.” Yeah. You guys are retarded. China is clearly dishing out misinformation. You’re telling me a country that has over a billion people packaged like sardines and was the origin of the virus has less than 4,000 deaths? Hmm seems like something a country who runs over their citizens with tanks might say.

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You guys are naive and retarded and it’s only going to get worse. You think we are bad now after just a couple months? Try 4 months from now when the stock market has dropped another 50% and unemployment is at 60%. We are really f*cked unless one of the medicines they are testing works out. They can’t just tell everyone to go back to work after a couple weeks of quarantine. But at the same time, this economic halt until a vaccine comes out is simply unsustainable. It will completely butt f*ck the entire world economy (more than it already has). Or maybe we’ll just die from that asteroid that’s suppose to “just miss the earth” some time in April. We. Are. F*cked.