We’ve never seen so much lying, bullshit and idiocy as attends this Fed collapsing this RECORD asset bubble at RECORD pace. While trapped gamblers circle jerk the whole way down.

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Massive State Economic Intervention Has Led to This Point

Where are the US economy and the other advanced economies of the world now? In a word, stagflation. Stagflation (declining economic growth with rising inflation) is the new reality, and there are three main clusters of factors that have led to the present stance of the economy.

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Goldman Sachs Releases Recession Manual to Prepare Clients for Downturn

Goldman CEO David Solomon told CNBC that he thinks there is a “reasonable chance” of a recession, noting that he is advising clients to be more conservative with their finances due to the potential consequences of the Federal Reserve’s tightening efforts.

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Jerome Powell, Who Wildly Misjudged Inflation, Is Overwhelmingly Reconfirmed As Fed Chair Last Week

There is seldom any meaningful accountability for government incompetence.

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