While You Were Distracted by Kaepernick…

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by Daniel Carter

The culture war continues to grind forward, on and on. Every day social media is filled with hysteria because Trump did this or the left did that. This week, there was a ridiculous level of outrage over Nike’s endorsement of Colin Kaepernick, who has become a symbol of leftist ideology. In response, Trump supporters took to the internet to destroy their Nike apparel. Last week, it was Democrats boycotting In-N-Out Burger because they donated to the Republicans. Like I said, on and on.

But all this exaggerated commotion often distracts from genuinely important issues. Whenever you see the outrage machine dialed up to 10, you should look around and see what you are being distracted from.

This week, it is the extraordinary buildup of military tensions in Syria, which I told you was coming last week. But I have also been talking about a possible showdown between the US and Russia, in Syria, for over a year. The last few weeks have all but confirmed the coming conflict.

First, Russia warned the UN that US-backed forces were planning a chemical attack to blame on the Assad regime. Russia’s warnings came while they were building a massive navy presence in the Mediterranean Sea to combat possible attacks from US forces.

Now, with the governments of Russia and Syria ready to take back the province of Idlib from rebels, the US is threatening to get involved if Assad uses chemical weapons. Yes, the chemical weapons that Russia just warned would be used as a false flag.

But no one is really questioning these obvious contradictions because everyone is consumed by the Kaepernick controversy. Everything is on the line; the lives of millions, natural resources, trade routes and, ultimately, the sovereignty of every state involved (including the US). This could turn into the most consequential war in human history in the blink of an eye, but a guy who used to throw a ball around gets 100 times more media coverage.

So, you must ask yourself why this absurdity exists. Well, the establishment has never been too keen on revealing their military game plan to citizens. This is because they are fighting for trade routes and natural resources. To know the truth may lessen the patriotism and support of the people. Most citizens believe we’re fighting for democracy or freedom. It’s much easier to sell that idea to the masses.

Another reason the Syrian conflict is being glossed over is because it contradicts the Trump-Russia collusion story. In this instance and in many others, the Trump administration is being outright hostile to Russia and their allies. But to keep The Resistance illusion alive, the masses need to believe that Trump is working for Russia. This has always been an inane assertion for reasons that I have outlined here.

So, the ruling-class has good reasons to distract you from important issues with things like the Kaepernick controversy. But don’t just be another mindless drone within the herd. If there is an outrage that seems unreasonable, be extra careful in making sure you’re not missing anything important. Always seek the truth.

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