White Supremacy is a Myth

by Chris Black

One of the most insane cuckservative narratives is that the globalist elite are a bunch of Malthusian White supremacist eugenicists who want to exterminate Africans en masse.

It’s epitomized by this Jesse Kelly Tweet: 

In response to a boring clip of John Kerry innocuously babbling about meeting green energy targets, Jesse claimed that Kerry was “calmly discussing how to starve 10 million Africans to death.” 

Africans weren’t mentioned once — let alone the idea that they should be starved to death!

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These people are completely disconnected from reality.

 So mindfucked by anti-White propaganda that they’re having hallucinations of Hitlerian Democraps openly plotting to genocide millions of Africans live on TV. 

Total psychosis.

Our evil Malthusian eugenicist elites want millions of Africans to starve, which is why they’ve spent billions of dollars (of White taxpayer money) feeding them for the last 50+ years.



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