Why would you trust a MSM fact checker?

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Believe what you will…  totally your prerogative.

…Reuters was previously owned by the Rothschild banking family. They sold Reuters to the Thompson family in 2008. The new company is called Thompson-Reuters.  The Thompson family owns a majority of shares at 53%. Historically, no single individual has been permitted to own more than 15% of Reuters, under the first of the Reuters Principles, which states, “Reuters shall at no time pass into the hands of any one interest, group or faction.” However, that restriction was waived for the purchase by the Thomson family. …

Yep, definitely no agendas when fact checking coming from these deep-pocketed folks….

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While I do not have the source of the actual paper, I have done enough of a deep dive on eugenics and the main players involved to have little doubt it was said. It aligns perfectly with the evil crap Peter Daszak spouted on camera re investors.

Kissinger has a long and sordid history for those who care to explore. Here is a tidbit:


Kissinger’s National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) was a confidential document until declassified in the early 1990’s and is still unknown to most Americans who would highly likely never have supported such a policy.

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