IT’s A REAL LIVE CONSPIRACY! 44 Democrats exempted the awans from background checks and granted them access to top secret and above top secret information

As the Russian “hacking” episode continues to mire the Trump administration in nebulous innuendo and daily claims of collusion, Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller reminds us that House Democrats participated in an actual data breach conducted by Pakistani-nationals who were given access to highly sensitive … Read more

Student Who Recorded Dem Councilman’s Anti Military Rant Was Just Granted a HUGE Reward!

Student Who Recorded Dem Councilman’s Anti-Military Rant Was Just Granted a HUGE Reward!……………  

Our Precious Water Cannot Be Taken For Granted – In Flint, Michigan People Are Sick From Drinking And Showering In Their Water – It Is A National Disgrace.

by Pamela Williams The media is keeping quiet about the devastation in Flint, Michigan.  It is only being reported by a few news outlets. The stories of suffering from Flint residents seem to be unbelievable in a country like America, given … Read more