Bullish Sentiment Crashes, Searching 'Sell Stocks' On Google Just Hit Levels Not Seen Since 2008… Something Isn't Right!

BULLISH SENTIMENT CRASHES It looks like all of the negative talk from some high-profile investors in recent days has made its way into the heads of individual investors, causing them to turn increasingly bearish on equities. According to this week’s … Read more

Comparing Two Natalee Holloway Documentaries – Connecting The Dots – Searching For The Truth After DNA Results For Bones Come Back Negative For Natalee Holloway.

by Ruby Henley I have been trying to  connect the dots for Natalee Holloway for years.  In fact, I have researched her disappearance from the island of Aruba since that day she did not make her flight home.  That horrific … Read more