It’s absolutely incredible that a sovereign nation like Germany has to step up to remind us about the obvious

The British and American intelligence agencies/governments can not be trusted…especially when making dangerous accusations against other countries without providing any tangible evidence. German politicians question US-led campaign against Russia: It is “not so long ago that the British and American governments … Read more

Straight out of a dystopian nightmare, the US government/military industrial complex is perfectly content to make up allegations against sovereign nations to justify military action.

The disturbing aspect is that they get away with it despite which party is in “control”. These disastrous policies have continued unabated during the Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump presidencies. The most disturbing part of all is that the … Read more

Peter Schiff: The U.S. Is Headed For A Sovereign Debt And Currency Crisis…. Gundlach: The Unwind Will Be Turbulent… Jim Rogers: Next Bear Market Will Be Worst in His Life

Gundlach: Brace for Impact, “The Unwind Will Be Turbulent” We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. You can’t exploit “emergency stimulus” level interest rates for the benefit of a propped-up stock market for a decade without eventually paying the … Read more