BREAKING: Russia and China Walk Out of UN Security Council meeting on Syria – ITS ON!

BREAKING: #Russia and #China have reportedly withdrawn from the Security Council meeting.
Confirmed: #Russia and #China have officially withdrawn from security council meeting on #Syria
Sky News Arabia: Russian and Chinese representatives withdraw from UN Security Council on Syrian crisis
Interfax News Wire » Russia News
NOW: #China and #Russia representatives just walked out of #UNSC meeting on #Syria at @UN.
Confirmed: RF, China walk out of UN SC meeting after US call for immediate action in Syria
UNITED NATIONS, August 28 (Itar-Tass) – The Russian and Chinese officials walked out of the U.N. Security Council meeting in New York on Wednesday, August 28, after U.S. Permanent Representative Samantha Power had called for an immediate action in Syria.
The permanent members of the U.N. Security Council – Russia, Britain, China, the U.S. and France – had been invited to the closed meeting. An hour later the Russian and Chinese diplomats left the meeting and headed to the Security Council’s main conference room where debates on Haiti was taking place.
Western countries may, until the end of the day, submit to the Security Council a draft resolution that will give the green light to an armed operation in Syria. Russia and China, which have the right of veto in the Security Council, have spoken up strongly against the use of force.
However Western countries have made it clear that they might take measures without waiting for the U.N. Security Council’s decision as they did in 1999 in Kosovo. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said this would be a gross violation of international law.
Meanwhile, Syria has asked the U.N. to investigate three chemical attacks carried out by rebels in the suburbs of Damascus on August 22, 23 and 24.
It’s coming: US finalizing plans for military strike on Syria
No Negotiation: China and Russia Walk Out of UN Security Council Meeting: “This Isn’t An Exercise”
As Jerome Corsi warned earlier today, “this is one of the most serious moments that we’ve ever faced in world history.”
Events are happening quickly and as it stands, the United States, Britain and other western allies are preparing a missile strike on Syria.
Russia has been the most critical opponent of the possibility of mid east military action, but now China has also stepped in.

Russia and China have stepped up their warnings against military intervention in Syria, with Moscow saying any such action would have “catastrophic consequences” for the region.
BBC via Zero Hedge

And moments ago the Interfax new agency announced that China and Russia have left the negotiating table in response to a proposal for Britain’s David Cameron on pending intervention in Syria.

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Russian and Chinese representatives have left the UN Security Council session that discussed the draft resolution on Syria proposed by Great Britain.
17:46 GMT: Russian UN representatives did not stage a walk-out at the meeting of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, Itar-Tass reports citing Russia’s permanent mission to the UN. The statement came in response to earlier reports claiming that Russian and Chinese diplomats “left” what was said to be a closed-door discussion of the UK-drafted resolution on the alleged chemical weapons use in Syria.



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  1. Let turn to the pope because he apparently is the last person allowed past out censors. we are so screw if we do not do something to stop these wars for politcal gains.

  2. And the war machine keeps turning. Open your eyes my fellow americans. Ever wonder why we’re always at war? No Matter who is president, democrat or republican? Because they’re on the same team. Voting either of them is voting for both. Vote third party and maybe things will change. Mccain ran against Obama, now he backs his every move. That alone should raise some red flags people. Wake UP!

    • Their is something about him- if it was true he would be dead. Maybe they seem to be trying to start a global civil war and Russia and China are in on it too. Using global collapse and ww3 to usher in global government nwo. A fascist lock down of earth by black nobility- elite national bankers and 13 bloodlines – Committee of 300. People need to know their history or doomed to repeat it.

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  4. Once this great nation was feared, now the only thing I fear is a nuke attack from Russia while the Dictator is secure in his Nuke-Free Bunker! Looks like he sold his followers down the river!!!

    • I’m very frightened over a vague passage in a book. I predict somebody will die of hunger within the next half hour and welp, I’m right. Must be a revelation.

  5. Who gives a damn what the U.N. says, the U.S. needs to stay out of Syria AND if Obama makes a move without Crongress they better man up and give him the boot.

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      There can be no other logical explanation on how the US/UK are bad & Russ-China-Syria-Arab-islam-commies are good.

      • ask yourself this genius… Why hasn’t America gone into other countries where there are well documented genocides going on by military dictators such as Uganda and many many others? Could it be that there is no profit to be made in those countries? I understand your want to be patriotic but when it supersedes your own critical thinking you need to have a look in the mirror and realise who the real enemy of your nation is. I know I am wasting my breath….

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          • Syria didn’t start this its not to blame if this was to do with religion then why is the Syrian government looking after Christians, Jews this is a war like Libya get rid of the government because of the deal they signed with Iraq Iran, Lebanon to build a new Gas Pipeline. They want you to believe its about religion, The war is only the Syrian Army against psychopaths infiltrated by America, Europe, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. Just remember it cost alot of money for weapons. We know how the Syrian Army have weapons (like any government in the world its budget has always had military spending). However did anyone ever think, how did the enemy of Syria get their weapons as well as continued finance to continue their assault. So if the Answer was America, Saudi Arabia, Europe are funding them what is in it for them. Just like any business when you spend money it is investment for future gains. The idiots are supposed to think of this in a religious and emotional form. Only the intelligent will see the business side.

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